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Oct 29, 2023
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Feedback Document - Flash Memory Frame the Key Issues and Decisions Many submissions didn't touch on the required analysis related to the pros and cons of the debt/equity financing. Stronger submissions went into detail about the strengths and weaknesses of each financing type. Most students were able to provide a concise introduction summarizing key requirements. Weaker students overly emphasized assessing the situation, to the extent of neglecting analyses. Stronger submissions had an appropriate balance. Higher level submissions had a clear understanding of the different alternatives, tailoring their analysis to the alternatives provided. Relevant Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Most students did well to calculate a positive NPV for the new product line and recommending for Flash Memory to pursue the project. Some students provided analysis strictly through financial statements, despite emphasis being placed on the NPV analysis. Most students provided surface-level analysis on R&D and sunk cost, with stronger students provided more supported analysis to the topics. Students should be aware that claims made should be supported with analytical evidence. Stronger submissions contained qualitative and quantitative analysis surrounding their presented alternatives, whereas weaker submissions may only mention one or the other in passing. Reasoned Recommendation Some students did not provide a recommendation - note that a choice was to be made as per the case requirements, and recommendations are important components of synopses. Students should note that recommendations should be made based on the analysis provided, as well as how the analysis compares to the key decision criteria. For example, what value is being created, and will debt covenants be met? Stronger submissions made sure to give weight to all alternatives using the provided analysis to provide a strong conclusion and recommendation. Overall Formatting: Weaker submissions do not make use of effective formatting (i.e. one paragraph with poor grammar and punctuation), whereas stronger submissions present more cleanly and professionally. Proofreading is highly suggested. Some submissions are in the Q&A format - this is strongly discouraged. Exhibits: It ' s important to name Exhibits if referring to them, as it makes stories easier to follow. At the halfway point in terms of synopsis submissions, it ' s important to stress that your submission should contain Exhibits AND written information. Do not provide one or the other - this is not viewed as an acceptable submission.
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