BUS 1299 - Projected Balance Sheet Summary

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BUS 1299E
Oct 25, 2023
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PROJECTING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The type of projection you will make will either be a Two-Year or a High-Low (sales) scenario. PROJECTED BALANCE SHEET Assets Current Assets Cash = Same $ Accounts Receivable = Age of Receivables x (Sales / 365) Inventory = EI from PSOE Keep all other current assets same $ unless told otherwise Fixed Assets Same $ unless a specific purchase or sale is mentioned Accumulated Depreciation (AD) = Last Year's AD + Current Depreciation Expense Liabilities Current Liabilities Working Capital Loan = PLUG Accounts Payable = Age of Payables x (Purchases / 365) Keep all other current liabilities same $ unless told otherwise Long-term Liabilities Long-Term Loan = may have to reduce by CPLTD Equity Common Stock = same $ unless told otherwise Retained Earnings = ending retained earnings from PSRE
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