a.) Right now, going back to school would affect their life insurance needs because that part of the life insurance would be gone. So, if something were to happen, they would not have that insurance to help cover it. However, if nothing would happen until the schooling is over then they would be better off because the life insurance would be better. b.) I agree with the amount of insurance provided because being in school full time takes away from your time at work causing you do not work as much as you were before which means your like insurance amount should not be super high. c.) There needs might change over time because they eventually more than likely are going to want to start a family. They also never know what is going to happen with their health. There are freak things that happen and one of them might get sick and they might really need to rethink their life insurance plans. They also are going to need to make sure they have the life insurance that they need for the time being.
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