Regular Bonds, Starting Sheets, Fall 2023

Regular Bonds, Annual Coupons, rates Thursday, October 26, 2023 Scott Anderson Inputs face value $1,000 years to maturity 30 # of coupon payments per year 1 coupon rate 6.40% value of bond today $952.50 1 if beginning, 0 if end 0 Interim Calculations total payments 30 amount of payment $64.00 Solution Current Yield 6.72% =B16/B11 Expected Capital Gain 0.05% =B21-B19 EPR 6.77% =RATE(B15,B16,-B11,B7,0) YTM 6.77% =B21*B9 EAR 6.77% =(1+B21)^(B9)-1 #N/A #N/A next year bonds price $953.02 =B11*(1+B20) [email protected] Regular Bonds: EPR, Y ABC Inc. has a bond is Coupons are paid ann for $952.50. What is the current y What is the expected What is the effective What is the yield to m What is the effective
year 0 1 2 29 30 $64.00 $64.00 $64.00 $64.00 $952.50 $1,000 YTM, EAR ssue outstanding. The face value of the bond is $1,000. The coupon rate is 6.4%. nually. A coupon was just paid. The bond has 30 years to maturity. The bond sells yield? d capital gain return? periodic rate of return? maturity? annual rate of return?
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