P. Paiva Tomorrow May 29th, is Tom Medeski's 59th birthday. We've known Tom for more than 40 years, but even then I knew he was one wonderful guy! His brothers and sister, Jason and Jamie Medeski, regularlyWhen I look outside my window the trees are bare; the air is cool; and the dogs run to their owners for human companionship. It is just like winter. Oh, Stranger Loves, you are setting the scene:. 1. What is the primary objective of risk management in a financial institution? a) Maximizing shareholder wealth. b) Minimizing regulatory compliance. c) Protecting against all forms of risk. d) Preserving the institution's economic value. 2. What is the primary technology that underlies blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Web 3? a) Artificial intelligence b) Machine learning c) Distributed ledger technology d) Quantum computing 3. Which Amendment to the US Constitution gave women the right to vote in 1920? a) 19th Amendment b) 15th Amendment c) 24th Amendment d) 26th Amendment 4. What is the financial term for the process of spreading the cost of an intangible asset over its estimated useful life, such as patents or copyrights?
a) Amortization b) Depreciation c) Impairment d) Appreciation 5. In project risk management, what is the term for a technique that involves identifying and documenting potential risks and their characteristics? a) Risk assessment b) Risk analysis c) Risk identification d) Risk response planning 6. A quantitative study found that participants who ate a Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), compared to a control group who did not eat a Mediterranean diet. The study also found that the Mediterranean diet was effective in reducing the participants' cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Which of the following is the best conclusion that can be drawn from this study? a) A Mediterranean diet is an effective way to reduce the risk of CVD. b) A Mediterranean diet is safe and effective for all populations. c) A Mediterranean diet is the best diet to reduce the risk of CVD. d) A Mediterranean diet is the only diet to reduce the risk of CVD. 7. In aerospace engineering, what is the term for the angle at which an aircraft's wing is tilted relative to the horizontal? a) Pitch b) Yaw c) Roll d) Angle of attack
8. What are some important considerations in disaster recovery and business continuity planning? a) RTO, RPO, backups, alternate sites, test plans - minimize downtime and data loss. b) Relying on auto-scaling cloud services to handle outages. c) Focus only on periodic tape backups for data protection. d) DR planning is an insurance waste with minimal ROI. 9. What is the term for a pricing strategy in which multiple products are bundled together and offered at a reduced price compared to buying them separately? a) Premium pricing b) Bundle pricing c) Value pricing d) Dynamic pricing
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