Please explain, thank you!STOCK MARKET IS RISK FREE Exercises 1.

Please explain, thank you! STOCK MARKET IS RISK FREE Exercises: 1. (8 points) Develop a monthly investment plan for an engineer that wants to maximize their wealth. Summarize your general strategy, and present graphical results showing the accumulated net worth per month. Assume that the engineer: - must pay taxes according to Puerto Rico's tax rules, - must pay taxes in April of each year (except for the first April because the engineer has no income in the previous year), - does not pay taxes on interest earned via an individual retirement account (IRA) (but interest earned via other instruments is income that is part of gross income), - has all needs (rent, car, food, etc.) covered in the Monthly Expenses (see Table 1), and - needs a plan for a 5-year period. Table 1. Personal Financial Data Table 2. Investment and Saving Options
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