joke, "You know the best in India isn't a blanket or a bikini; it's a black T-shirt that Ravi Shanksar gives to everyone!" "What would you do with the shirt if you won the Mega Millions?" IEnglish Street. Before the concert that took in Gujurat by Ravi Shanksar, I jumped in the car with him and asked him how his trip to India had been. "Kinda tough," he and his father used to. 1. What is the stage in the buyer's journey where the customer is aware of a problem or need and is actively researching solutions? a) Awareness b) Consideration c) Decision d) Post-purchase 2. What is the largest volcano on Earth in terms of volume? a) Mount Etna b) Mount Vesuvius c) Yellowstone d) Mauna Loa 3. What is the term for a type of fluid flow in which the flow pattern is irregular, with eddies and swirls? a) Laminar flow b) Turbulent flow c) Steady flow d) Compressible flow 4. What is the term for a marketing strategy that aims to create a perception of scarcity or exclusivity to drive consumer interest and demand?
a) Scarcity marketing b) Incentive marketing c) Niche marketing d) Viral marketing 5. In the context of portfolio management, which asset class is often used as a hedge against inflation? a) Cash and cash equivalents. b) Fixed income securities. c) Equities (stocks). d) Real assets, such as real estate or commodities. 6. What civilization ruled over most of present-day Mexico and Central America from the 14th to 16th centuries CE? a) Olmec b) Zapotec c) Maya d) Aztec 7. What considerations help determine when automated vs manual testing is appropriate? a) Effort required, test case repeatability, application maturity - combine optimal strategies. b) Automate everything possible for maximum benefit. c) Rely on manual testing due to nuanced judgment and insight. d) Avoid automation due to script maintenance costs.
8. How do particles like muons and neutrinos help explain special relativity and the faster than light neutrino anomaly? a) Time dilation effects verified by muon decay and faster neutrino measurements disproved by timing errors. b) Key evidence for string theory hidden dimensions. c) Provided foundation for standard model theory. d) Enabled discovery of Higgs boson. 9. How can following DevOps practices improve collaboration between software developers and operations teams? a) Automation, monitoring, continuous delivery, blameless culture - share ownership of services. b) DevOps has no impact, developers should focus on coding only. c) Main DevOps benefit is faster feature release. d) Should minimize communication to avoid wasted time. 10. In risk management, what is the term for a financial product that allows investors to speculate on or hedge against price movements in an underlying asset? a) Derivative b) Commodity c) Equity d) Mutual fund
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