TEXAS ALL LINES ADJUSTER EXAM | QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS | GRADED A+ | 2023- 2024 All of the following are criteria for an accident to have occurred "in the course of" the employment under a workers' compensation policy, EXCEPT: - ANSWER While performing a task that a fellow worker requested, that was unusual to the employee's job description, but occurred on the employer's premises during working hours. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE regarding the implied warranties of an Ocean Marine policy? - ANSWER The implied warranties are attached to the policy as an endorsement.. Parmelia is covered under two separate standardized Personal Automobile policies, with Part C limits under both policies set at $200,000. Parmelia is involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist and she sustains bodily injury damages for $262,320. How much will Parmelia receive when she submits a claim for these damages - ANSWER $200,000 Which of the following endorsements must be attached to a standard Businessowners policy for coverage to apply to a businesses freezer that was damaged by the interruption of a power source - ANSWER Utility Services - Direct Damage endorsement. After completing an inspection of an insured's pressure equipment and fire suppression systems, the inspector determines that the pressure equipment needs to be repaired and the suppression systems have not been cleaned and inspected in the time frame required by the policy. The insurer will: - ANSWER Suspend coverage immediately by red tagging the items until they are repaired, cleaned and pass reinspection
To be eligible for coverage under a standardized Dwelling policy, the insured must not allow more than _______ boarders to live on the premises. - ANSWER 5
All of the following are "Perils of the Sea" under an Ocean Marine policy, EXCEPT: - ANSWER Pirates The amount of insurance countersigned, issued, or sold by an agent or producer to cover immediate family members, an employer, or employees is known as: - ANSWER Controlled business Which of the following standardized Dwelling insurance forms provides coverage for loss of rental income - ANSWER The DP-1, DP-2, and DP-3 forms The "Part B - Medical Payments" coverage of a personal automobile policy covers injuries for all of the following, EXCEPT: - ANSWER A passenger who is injured in another vehicle that is struck by the insured's vehicle in an accident Which of the following are the Texas Workers' Compensation benefits that are increased by a cost-of-living adjustment (COLAs) - ANSWER Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs) only Hannah must take time away from work to help assist in the investigation of a claim that was made against her BOP policy. The policy will pay for Hannah's actual loss of earnings up to: - ANSWER $250 per day. Surplus Lines companies in Texas have _____ to acknowledge the receipt of a claim. - ANSWER 30 days. All of the following are characteristics of a principal that a surety will scrutinize during the underwriting process, EXCEPT: - ANSWER Consideration. Under Section II of a Homeowners policy, a cemetery plot owned by the insured is
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