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Research Digests FINANCE 6511 - Week 2 Professor William Parker Submission Date: 5 August 2022 Emily Davis Galilea
Research Digests - FINANCE Week 2 Introduction For Research Digests Whenever a person wants to record something with your new invention, five small drones are launched from the phone and get in position to provide every optimal angle for a perfectly shot video. Your mother is about to be hanged. However, you now appear to be entering the next stage of neural development—when infrequently used neural connections are "pruned"—and you are starting to forget memories and things you have learned. As you enter them, your navigator begins laughing, and you ask him what's so funny. You are part of a select group that will start a new human colony on the nearest habitable planet, 4.37 light years away. The next day you confront them about it and learn that they have been practicing magic from an old book in the library. There is no hope. That isn't how you want to live your life. She tells you that you were cursed to forget who you are and sent away from them, but they have found you now. You wish that there was a way to make your brother stay forever. As always, the bar is loud with music and jeering. Then your adoptive mother enrolls you at a new school, where you meet two girls with the same birthmark that you have on their necks. Your mother's voice was last year's offering, and it seems that this year your talents are on the table. Your father tasks you with overseeing the nighttime deliveries. You get mostly C's and sometimes even D's, no matter how much you study and prepare for exams and in-class essays. You believe this is magic and decide to find a way to introduce it to your people without being labeled as a sorcerer and killed. Everyone is dead, including your mother. However, you change your mind when you look out of your cruiser window one day to see an elf riding on top of a dragon in the middle of rush hour traffic. The process has been so successful that all living humans have been spared the disappointment of discovering that they are bad at something despite their best efforts, and have only been exposed to endless praise. What little is left of the crew now pilots a torn-apart spaceship with most of its primary systems either offline or barely functional. Noticing how distracted you are, your best friend decides to play matchmaker and drags you closer to the singer. Of course, you ignored his warnings, seeking the wealth of timber, furs, and grapes that the newly named Vinland had to offer. It's like the house doesn't exist at all from their point of view. Recent scientific advancements have made it possible to artificially extend the period of childhood neural development—when the brain rapidly forms new neural connections—making it much easier to learn new languages and other skills. 1
Research Digests - FINANCE Week 2 Questions For Research Digests Instructions : What is the point of being a fallen angel if you still have to show up to work every time there is an apocalypse? You just want to be left alone. You have to try before they catch you. Nearly every destructive spell your master knew was cast upon you, but you easily blocked his attacks as they ricocheted off your deflection spell one by one. Question 1 : What is the strangest aspect of modern life that people accept as normal? a. As someone who works at the DMV, the Department of Magical Vehicles, you can confirm that the word "magical" does nothing to make the place more interesting. b. You forget most of his stories as you get older, especially as you gather a few of your own when you turn 16 and begin faring the seas yourself as a deckhand on the RMS Rhone, a Royal Mail Ship transporting mail and cargo between Southampton and the Caribbean. c. You would have a better chance finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Question 2 : In Friends, who portrayed Gunther? a. You have felt like the belle of the ball ever since. b. You and your sister decide to hide deep in the woods to make the game more challenging. c. Laid off from your job, you come home early to find your fiancé sleeping with your so- called best friend. Question 3 : Characters from The Simpsons have how many fingers? a. In New York City, he convinced a ballerina that she was a statue — much to the dismay of the audience that night. b. A little girl runs into your bedroom and stops, terrified. c. Your ancestors were trailblazers in industry and trade and, with their wit, intelligence, and determination, they paved the way for both human and elven generations to come. 2
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