Types of Insurance

Types of Insurance 1. Term life insurance 2. Auto insurance 3. homeowners/renter insurance 4. Health insurance 5. Long-term disability insurance 6. Long-term care insurance 7. Identity theft protection 8. Umbrella policy 9. Liability insurance 10. Flood insurance Will need this soon: 1. Auto insurance: Everyone drives. You do not want to get into an accident/altercation without insurance. It will be SUPER expensive to pay for a fender bender. It is also just against the law. 2. Term Life insurance: life insurance is good to have just in case you are to die unexpectedly, this will help your spouse/family stay afloat 3. Home insurance: What if you get robbed, a tornado randomly takes your house to the yellow brick road, or even a fire. It is good to be careful. You never know what might happen. 4. Health insurance: medical bills are super expensive. You literally can get into debt so easily; so protect yourself first. 5. Flood insurance: I remember one time it was raining super bad in Texas and a bunch of peoples' houses flooded. Hopefully they had insurance.... I can save on insurance by: 1. Change auto coverage 2. Consider your deductible 3. Low-cost health care options 4. Ask for discounts 5. Shop around for insurance companys https://www.ramseysolutions.com/insurance/types-insurance-cant-go-without https://www.tdi.texas.gov/tips/how-to-save-on-insurance.html
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