Guidelines for Special vs Associate Status

1 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP VERSUS SPECIAL STATUS Associate Membership is granted on a case- by-case basis for extraordinary circumstances that make it impossible for a member to fulfill their obligations of membership. Examples: Studying abroad Leaving school or transferring Extraordinary financial, familial, or health concerns Application Process: The member will complete an application and send it to the chapter President. The President, Treasurer, Advisory Board Chairman, and Finance Adviser must approve the application before it is sent to the District Director for approval. Applications are not approved until the District Director shares a final decision. Additional Tips: Associate Membership is only granted to members in good standing. Those on Associate Membership do not participate in ANY chapter functions. The member is required to pay the per capita fee but will not be charged additional dues. Those on Associate Membership can live in the chapter house if approved by Advisory Board and the house is under capacity. When the chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules provide for Special Status, a member can be excused from participation in chapter activities because of school-incurred or other responsibilities for a specified period. Examples: Academic demands Internship Student-teaching Varsity athletics Additional Tips: Special Status is only granted to members in good standing. The member is expected to pay the per capita fee and all House Board fees. Other chapter fees are paid according to their degree of participation. Special Status is granted according to the conditions outlined in the chapter Standing Rules. These conditions should specify who will grant Special Statuses, the circumstances that constitute eligibility, and the timing necessary for approval. It is recommended that Chapter Council officers consider requests after approval from the Finance Adviser.
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