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Year/Category Dermo-pH Financial Analysis Dermo-pH Financial Overview . Annual Revenue N [nitial Investment W Year 1 Operational Costs Year 1 Costs 520,000 ¢ The red bar shows the first-year key operational costs. Rent, equipment, setup, , 3,300,000 legal, and inventory charges are included. The length of this bar compared to the Year 1 revenue bar shows how much Initial Investment 1,749,006 revenue would pay these expenses. Year 5 The green bar represents $1,200,000 upfront funding. It's a large upfront investment for setup, early operations, and 32500 marketing. This large initial investment shows the brand's dedication to market dominance. Year 4 1,520,875 Year 3 Year 2 The blue bars show Dermo-pH's 5-year revenue projections. Revenue has increased since Year 1, indicating business 0.00 035 0.50 075 100 155 150 175 growth in the Australian skincare sector. Amount in $ Millions 1e6 The bars' annual elongation shows Dermo- pH's income growth and potential. 1,000,000 Year 1
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