FIN650 T8DQ2

Reflect on your experience in this course. What are the key takeaways you have learned in this course that you can apply tomorrow or in the near future? This course has been very helpful for me in numerous ways. I believe one of the most important lesson I've learned is being able to assess a company's financial health. This would allow me to be more strategic in my investment decisions in the future. Having tools that I have picked upped on the class provides me a better understanding and better overall confidence when investing on my stocks. In the future if I do become a manager, I am equipped with knowledge on capital structure and working capital which I would need on a day to day operation. Being in the healthcare field, I would be more comfortable when given the opportunity to make financial decisions for our hospital. I would be more proficient in purchasing VS leasing certain hospital equipment as I have learned which would be more beneficial and profitable for the company. I have to say that I have learned a lot from the class and enjoyed having discussions with my fellow classmates. I wish everyone the best and God bless.
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