Chapter 7 - Recommended Exercises

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ADMS 3531
Oct 19, 2023
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Chapter 7 - Recommended Exercises Concept Checks These self-test questions and problems found in the body of the test enable you to determine whether you've understood the preceding material. Concept Check 7.2, p. 213 Concept Check 7.3, p. 217 Concept Check 7.4, p. 222 Concept Check 7.5, p. 224 Detailed solutions are provided at the end of the chapter, pp. 235-237. Problem Sets Practice in solving problems is essential for understanding investments. More than half of the exam questions will involve calculations. Problems 4-10, 16; pp. 229-230 Solutions to these questions are in the separate file, "Chapter 7 - Solutions to Recommended Exercises." Jordan Chapter 2 Questions and Problems Jordan was the old textbook for 3531. Jordan problems and solutions are posted in the pdf file "Jordan Chapter 2 - Questions and Solutions." Jordan Chapter 2 is roughly comparable to Bodie Chapter 7. Questions 12-28 E-Investments Exercises These exercises, at the end of each chapter following the Problem Sets, provide activities to enhance your experience using the internet for investment purposes. Solutions are not provided for the E-Investment Exercises.
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