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_ Marcel has an opportunity to save $345 per month at an APR of 6.75% in a 401K plan through work. Marcel plans to retire o ccommands could be used to determine how much his investment will be worth at retirement? (Choose all that apply!) [0 B. =FV(0.0675/12,10"12,-$345, €. =FV(0.0675/12,120,-345) [0)D. =FV(6.75%/12,12"10,-345) [ E. =FV(6.75/12,12"10,-345) (3 points) Gina deposits $320 each month in a retirement plan with an APR compounded monthly. Use Excel to determine will she have i EC T R TETN Answer =$
e . I— H&n&-uflefiemmtxmmmm () B. Stevie will have earned more interest than Isabel. (1) €. The ending balance on both accounts will be the same. (1) D. Isabel and Stevie will have invested the same amount in the end () E. Isabel will have eamed more interest than Stevie. S e an APR and test the options using Excel
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