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FIN 435
Oct 17, 2023
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Cases in Financial Management Welcome to FIN 4340-- An Active Learning, Hybrid-Delivery, Technology- Enhanced Teaching and se To help you get ready for the semester ahead, complete the following tasks: 1. View recent course Announcements ( /announcements ) to see the latest news and updates for our course. 2. Visit the Course Orientation ( module to complete your course orientation tasks. This includes reviewing the Course Syllabus ( ) and the Course Map. ( 3. Begin working in the Week 1 ( module to get ready for our first class meeting. 4. Use the Ask the Instructor ( /1104322 ) for general questions related to the course materials and content. I will be checking this discussion frequently to answer your questions. 5. If you run into a technical problem or need to contact me, visit the Help + Support ( ) module. Note: The preferred browsers for Canvas are Firefox or Safari. Course Chat 0 Complete Course ami and Yi.pdf ( Page 9 of 16 ZOOM FIN 4340: Cases in Financial Management Online Prep 1 of 2 10/17/2023, 6:18 PM
Start Here to Get Ready Complete the Course Orientation. Review the Syllabus and complete each orientation task. You may then begin working in the Weekly Modules. Course Orientation ( https://calstatela.instruc /modules/885341) Syllabus ( https://calstatela.instruc /pages/course-syllabus) Announcements ( https://calstatela.instruc /announcements) Weekly Modules ( https://calstatela.instruc /modules) Help + Support ( https://calstatela.instruc /modules/885340) FIN 4340: Cases in Financial Management Online Prep 2 of 2 10/17/2023, 6:18 PM
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