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Oct 22, 2023
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Find a House - Housing for Yourself Project Create a handout in a Microsoft Word Document You can afford a house that is 2.5 your annual GROSS salary (All BUDGET Information is given to you by Mrs. Mott) Don't worry about a down payment; your parents have decided to give you the money for 20% down. You can use the Finance Loan Calculator to figure out how much a house will cost you a month if you put down a 20% down payment. (Calculator is Excel attachment within assignment on Schoology) In this project, you will put the following information: Address where the house, condo, or townhome is located - be specific (give me exact address and description about the surrounding location - do your research! Make sure this is an area you want to live in.) Pictures of what is looks like - inside and outside! Financial Information for the purchase transaction: How much is the house, condo, costing you total? o State your down payment, principal (loan amount) and interest amount in addition to the TOTAL LOAN (principal and interest) based on a 30 year fixed loan. What will the monthly mortgage payment be? Amenities of the house, condo, or townhome What is the house, condo, or townhome convenient to? What made you choose this location? * Loan Calculator is on Schoology to calculate monthly loan payment based on down payment (gift from parents) and interest rate. www.realtor.com - great resource to find a home for sale
Project is due to be turned in by 4 pm by Thursday, February 10 th (2 nd period & 6 th period) and by Friday, February 11 th (1 st period, 3 rd period, 5 th period, & 7 th period)
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