CAEE l\nbnnr- P\AA-A- s PO DOSAGE CALC (tablets) Solve for dose quantity (tablets, Capsules, pills, etc) Remember to round to the hearest tenth for liquid! Formula D/H x Q@ Desired x Quantity (or Volume) Have The order is to administer 1,000mg acetaminophen PO NOW. The pharmacy sends a 250mg capsules. The DESIRED s the order, 1,000mg. The HAVE is what pPharmacy sent, 250mg The VOLUME s the amount of tablets for the dose the pharmacy sent, 1 cap (Tip, when dealing with tablets and caps, this number is almost always 1, It is 250mg in 1 capsule.) Formula: Step 1: 1,000mg X lcap 250mg Step 2: (1,000mg =+ 250mg) X 1cap Step 3: e, S Nt ] Answer: 4 capsules Ratio: (mg:caps = mg:caps) 1,000mg: X caps = 250mg: 1 cap Multiply Means(middles): 250 x X = 250X Divide both sides by 250 to get the X by itself on one side of the equation Multiple Extremes (outsides): 1,000X 1 = 1,000 250X = 1,000 250 250 X = (1,000 + 250) X=4 Remember you are solvingiorthequantty o aaminISten caps. Answer is 4 caps.
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