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FINM 3411
Oct 16, 2023
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FINM 3411 A PPLIED C ORPORATE F INANCE UQ W EEK 2 B EFORE CLASS 1. Read the files telstra buyback.pdf (slides 3-10) and capital management.pdf to help set the scene for the next few weeks of the course. This relates to Telstra's 2003 share buyback. 2. Also have a look at the recent Metcash off-market buyback offer - we'll talk about this in class. D URING CLASS 1. Come prepared to discuss the Telstra and Metcash buybacks. Ask lots of questions about anything that is unclear. A FTER CLASS 1. Read Berk and DeMarzo Chapter 14. 2. Make sure you are familiar with the worked examples in the Powerpoint slides. You should be comfortable with all of the calculations and be able to re-create those calculations for a different (but similar) example. 3. Make sure you are comfortable with the derivation in the note on WACC algebra. 4. Try the tutorial questions (to be covered in tutorials next week). My advice is to have a crack at the problems before turning to the solutions. T UTORIALS 1. Tutorials this week will consist of assistance with the first part of the case.
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