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Learning Archives FIN 4938 - Week 16 Dr. Brian Evans Submission Date: 2 October 2013 Charlotte Turner Cynthia
Learning Archives - FIN Week 16 Introduction For Learning Archives Ridiculous, of course, but with the witch hunters already searching your town, you know it is only a matter of time before you are discovered. However, the villagers have been corrupted as well, with their skin covered in weeping lesions and their minds twisted. Your grandmother from Greece is a hoarder. They seem to be chasing the man and are increasing in size ever so slowly. You were never allowed in before, but now there is no one to stop you. It's time for your first quest — in this lifetime." Universities are sacked by mobs who think that knowledge is the devil's work and book burning becomes commonplace. As the radiation builds, you are a scientist tasked with finding a solution for humanity to survive, even if it means emigrating to another planet. But when you enter your first battle and actually feel each blow, you know something is wrong. As a British magic dealer, an opportunity presents itself in 1834, so you start illegally transporting bottles of elixirs into the United States and turning a huge profit—until something unexpected happens. Your heart is aching. Nearly every destructive spell your master knew was cast upon you, but you easily blocked his attacks as they ricocheted off your deflection spell one by one. You have watched and re-watched pretty much every 1980s sitcom out there. You chuckle a bit. Although you've loved him since you were a teenager, he only sees you as his charge—his duty, nothing more. Your mother's voice was last year's offering, and it seems that this year your talents are on the table. But as the centuries drag on and you enter the modern age, people begin to see you as a washed-up mascot, no better than the likes of those horrendous animatronic characters from the 1980s. However, as you follow the leads and navigate the seedy underbelly of the capital planet, you realize that this is not just a murder, but an assassination, and that the emperor himself might be the culprit. Slowly, bacteria and plants will be added and the dome will be expanded. Then you notice that two of them look oddly familiar. They only drink the blood of those they want to mate with, marking their territory. As soon as you take steps to publicize this information, you become the target of a smear campaign. The sleepiest one erupts at least once a week, and the others range from once an hour to a constant flow of magma. You sometimes do accept passengers. 1
Learning Archives - FIN Week 16 Questions For Learning Archives Instructions : First you draw a map of your current location, pointing to surrounding landmarks visible from the encampment and then pointing to the crude drawing on the ground. You find your calling, from heating brick ovens to delivering food across the land, and you quickly become a legend. Deep underground, within a long-forgotten dwarven sanctuary, exists a mechanical contraption that coverts magic into life. Question 1 : What's your favourite amusing anecdote that was horrifying at the time? a. You've never been allowed access to this stuff before, so you and your sister run over and immediately start playing. b. When you hear the gunshot, you are startled by the noise and the screams from the audience. c. You point at it, looking for some sort of confirmation. Question 2 : The Olympics did away with the wild card system in 2003. Was that correct? a. Your stomach growls, and you wish you had something to eat. b. When she doesn't show up back home that evening, you know something is deeply wrong. c. She is able to manipulate the particles of the very air her enemies breathe and can change its temperature, speed, and chemical makeup within the blink of an eye, turning it into a deadly, iridescent mist. Question 3 : Definition and comparison of ends-in-themselves and means-to-ends. a. However, the tone of his letter intrigued you and you wondered what would possess a man to contact his niece after being absent for more than 20 years. b. The newest airship has been designed by a famous, yet reclusive, steam engineer. c. Yes, they harbor disease—because it is illegal to give them medical care. 2
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