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Nov 11, 2023
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Learning Portfolios FINANCE 2959 - Week 7 Professor Cynthia Brown Submission Date: 9 April 2012 Sophia Parker Ryann
Learning Portfolios - FINANCE Week 7 Introduction For Learning Portfolios In return, you are put to work during the siege of Samarkand, creating an army of invincible soldiers from the corpses of Genghis Khan's slain enemies. During a business conference in the Greek islands, you hear a sweet and soft song floating on the air from a distance. You are the only student who wears eyeglasses, and you are a foot shorter than everyone else. You're so entranced that you don't even notice the old woman sitting behind you, coding her next video game. Your parents are very strict, and they never allow you to game like your schoolmates because they think it will rot your brains. Now, despite the language barrier, you must convince them that you mean no harm—or you will be the next meal for their tigers. You're thrilled when it works... then quickly panic when five unicorns appear, then 10, then 20. Convinced that this is not your friend, you decide to find out what exactly happened to her in an attempt to get her back — if she's not already gone forever. Your dog was watching your husband as he was vigorously scrubbing his shirt. You look through his old notebooks and find strange writing in a language you have never seen before. Now you are left to save your men and ship, all while trying to convince these people you mean well and, if possible, establish contact with their species. From a very young age, you've been able to get what you want. Before you embarked on your search, you were a blacksmith with a loving wife and three children. Your heart is aching. You've been in the business for twenty years and have earned a name for yourself around the nation, building your success on creativity, flare, and implicit trust among your crew—as well as a complete refusal to tell your secrets. As one of the inhabitants of the United States' permanent colony, you are perpetually on the lookout for invasions and sabotage. You and your co-workers must all work together to find a way to keep the shelter open in order to save the animals that rely on you. His head was always in the clouds, however, and he was much better at being a dreamer than actually implementing his ideas. Your magic worked best with the elements, such as when you were standing in the water of the creek or beneath the trees on a windy day or with your feet buried deep into the freshly turned earth. Midway through your trip, one of your party members goes missing. According to the prophecy, this person will bring about the corruption of the empire and an end to the royal line you have served for generations. He put his crime-fighting days behind him to focus on raising his sons. You are making a blind turn around a corner when the truck in front of you skids into the other lane. However, you are comfortable in your human form and are more interested in puttering around in your garage than caring about the state of existence. 1
Learning Portfolios - FINANCE Week 7 Questions For Learning Portfolios Instructions : You take it, envisioning yourself as the champion of your friend group who will be applauded for showing them exclusive content for a game they all love. "So that is why you seek damnation — because you are a coward?" You look down and respond. It's time for your first quest — in this lifetime." Question 1 : Which country has the longest summer vacation for students? Italy is the correct answer. a. Instead, the Native Americans landed on European soil and discovered the people there instead of the other way around. b. As a historian, you are tasked with deciphering the inscriptions on the Rosetta Stone after it is surrendered to the British in 1801. c. You travel back to Earth, excited to tell the world about what you have found. Question 2 : What is something that is so ubiquitous today that you believe people would wonder why anyone would do it fifty years from now? a. You shake your head, knowing that you haven't spent more than an hour trying to figure this out. b. Some draftsmen are so sickened by the vision that they abandon the expedition altogether, believing it to be the work of Satan. c. We need to clear this out and hose it down before the public starts taking photos and posting it to Snapface or whatever. Question 3 : What is the name for a circle's circumference? a. But it counts enough that it puts you in charge. b. As a result, the wealthy are living in elaborate underground bunkers and throwing their waste to the surface. c. It's an exchange of words that become magically binding; the less money you have, the more you have to promise. 2
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