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Nov 10, 2023
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Course Title: Public Finance: Theory and Practice Instructor: [Your Name] Office Hours: [Specify office hours and location] Course Description: This course examines the principles and practices of public finance, focusing on the role of government in the economy, revenue generation, public expenditure, and fiscal policy. Students will explore the theoretical foundations of public finance and apply them to contemporary issues in public budgeting, taxation, and expenditure analysis. Prerequisites: Principles of Economics Introduction to Finance or Accounting Textbook: "Public Finance and Public Policy" by Jonathan Gruber
Course Objectives: By the end of the course, students should be able to: Understand the theoretical foundations of public finance. Analyze government revenue sources and taxation policies. Evaluate public expenditure and budgetary processes. Examine the impact of fiscal policy on economic stability. Apply financial tools and techniques to analyze public sector decision-making. Critically assess current issues and debates in public finance. Assessment: Class Participation (15%): Active engagement in class discussions, case analyses, and group activities. Problem Sets and Homework (20%): Weekly assignments on applied problems and case studies. Midterm Exam (25%): Assessment of understanding key concepts and theories. Research Paper (20%): Individual paper on a contemporary issue in public finance. Final Exam (15%): Comprehensive exam covering the entire course. Class Presentation (5%): Presenting findings from the research paper or engaging in a fiscal policy debate. Class Schedule:
Week 1-2: Introduction to Public Finance Definition and scope of public finance Historical development and key contributors Week 3-4: Government Revenue and Taxation Types of taxes and principles of taxation Tax incidence and efficiency Week 5-6: Public Expenditure and Budgeting Budgetary process and expenditure analysis Public goods and externalities Week 7-8: Fiscal Policy and Economic Stability The role of government in stabilizing the economy Countercyclical fiscal policy Week 9-10: Debt and Deficits Government borrowing and public debt Fiscal sustainability and intergenerational equity Week 11-12: Contemporary Issues in Public Finance
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