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Study Portfolios NERO 265 - Week 4 Professor Emily Evans Submission Date: 11 May 2016 Mia Garcia Rosa
Study Portfolios - NERO Week 4 Introduction For Study Portfolios Assembled two weeks ago by this impetuous and conceited prince, "Glorious George" has led your party of ten travelers across the countryside to find a legendary haunted castle filled with untold treasure, magical weapons, and beautiful damsels in distress. You see a stack of goblins staring back at you, looking as equally as bewildered as your feel. When the moon turns blood red and the cries of wolves can be heard echoing throughout the land, a young woman must be sacrificed to appease the ancient god who lays dormant under your village. Of course, it is too good to be true. The Fae agreed to leave, but demanded that humanity never practice magic in return because, from their perspective, magic was theirs alone to possess. No one knows what to expect. Complete domination of Earth happened relatively quickly. It would be perfect if it weren't for the earthquakes. The man trusts and loves her, but he can't go on like this. The hero picks you up by the wing and shows you to everyone. Scavengers have surrounded your territory for years, stealing what they can despite your best efforts. As a surveyor hired under Colonel John Stevens, you have been sent to a remote part of the western territories to scope out the land. Whatever the robbers wanted, they left no witnesses to tell their tale. You're still watching the sheets of rain pouring down on the cityscape when you hear a tapping sound on your office door. To your horror, you see a large hole looking down to the mortal realm. You try your best to shrug it off and go about your day, questioning what really happened the night before, but when you see the creature again near your front door, you freeze. Three months into the job, you finally catch a glimpse of another superhuman jumping rooftop to rooftop and landing impossible distances. These deals have famously backfired. You believe this is magic and decide to find a way to introduce it to your people without being labeled as a sorcerer and killed. All at once everything freezes. She's tall, blonde, slender, pale, and exactly your type. You have ruled there ever since. Your sister, Aurora, is an internet celebrity. You've never played the harp. 1
Study Portfolios - NERO Week 4 Questions For Study Portfolios Instructions : You creep closer and see that the front door is slightly ajar, so you ease the door open to get a better look. I hated my family. It's their mother." The radio cuts out to static. Question 1 : The BBC banned which Frankie Goes to Hollywood song? a. While waiting for the school bus on a rainy day, you notice a set of tiny red eyes peeking out at you from a bush. b. Now she has come back disguised as a duchess to kill the remaining witness of her crime and finish the job once and for all. c. The English have claimed sovereignty over a land that is not theirs, and your people have been held captive for far too long. Question 2 : Is an artwork's quality subjective (based on human judgement) or objective (based on actual facts)? Consider a film that you think is fantastic and one that you think is bad; can you state one is objectively better than the other? a. The second phase occurs when planetary resources are exhausted and society must travel through space to gather additional resources. b. When you reach the very center of the city, you find a tower. c. Each call it passes disappears from the queue, and in no time the queue is empty except for the one blinking blue number. Question 3 : Bioethics and its various branches. a. You have been raised and trained from birth to kill those in the white robes, but then one captures you before you can kill him. b. While camping out one weekend, you and your friends are shocked to hear shouts, accompanied by the sound of something massive snarling through the darkness. c. You deflected them, but somehow the dispersed spells made their way to your village, causing outright chaos. 2
Study Portfolios - NERO Week 4 Question 4 : What is anything on which all of your pals agree? a. You decide to make the most of the day, so you wrap up your long hair in a silk scarf around your head to keep it free from any branches you may encounter and walk into the woods. b. It's good to see you again. c. The king was convinced of your treachery, and soon you were fighting your way out of the castle, slaying your own men and whoever else stood in your way. Question 5 : The critique of fascism and national-socialism by Julius Evola. a. You open it to find an elf, a wizard, a goblin, and a kangaroo standing outside, saying they received your invitation. b. The strong winds and bone-chilling cold make the journey across the desolate landscape an absolute misery. c. However, when you accidentally open a time rift and find yourself back in the 1950s, just a few days before the fateful mission that took your great grandmother's life, you realize you can change much more than you previously thought. Question 6 : Denmark's currency is what? a. You open it to find an elf, a wizard, a goblin, and a kangaroo standing outside, saying they received your invitation. b. You open the carriage door to find an entire family of nobles slaughtered. c. You have watched and re-watched pretty much every 1980s sitcom out there. Question 7 : What is the name of the study of mushrooms? a. Your older brother is about to go off to college, and you are feeling left behind. b. The night that you lose your first tooth is the night you meet the tooth fairy. c. Knowing that daylight is only a few hours away, you and your friend have to find a way to send these clumsy magical horses back to their world before the headmaster wakes up. 3
Study Portfolios - NERO Week 4 Question 8 : Whose statue can be found at Trafallgar Square? a. The androids routinely help with most of the activities of daily living: cooking, cleaning, dispensing medication, and helping with hygiene and getting dressed. b. There is no hope. c. One night, a rather tall man walks in. Question 9 : What colour shirt does Walt have on in the famous moment in the desert where he is holding a gun while wearing white pants? a. You've never seen technology like this, and some of the higher-ups suspect it could be alien-created. b. Assuring yourself you are only dreaming, you continue with the day. c. Your legs tremble as you swing them over the ledge and carefully stand up. Question 10 : How can the ownership of a computer algorithm patent be justified? a. But the one thing you take the most pride in is your Tinder desirability ranking. b. Your protests are cut short as she fires. c. You decide to spend several weeks living amongst the giants, learning their customs as well as a few basic words of their language. Question 11 : What is the most amusing comedy sketch you've ever seen? a. You don't know what to do, until it dawns on you that no one here knows how to make a French fry. b. You convince the city leaders to allow you to negotiate peace on their behalf. c. You walk across the sand, and your people part to let you through. 4
Study Portfolios - NERO Week 4 Question 12 : What do you find appealing that others may not? a. However, the popularity of this process has increased the average human head size, which significantly increases risk for women (and infants) who can afford only natural pregnancy. b. I want a good arc with a satisfying resolution that ends in a hug or a puppy or something similar. c. On the night before graduation, you and your best friend try to conjure up a unicorn in the basement of the mage's school. Question 13 : What is the most recent surprising fact you discovered? a. Ferrying souls across the River Styx is an unpleasant and monotonous business. b. Deciding to get to the bottom of things, you stake out the living room, setting a silver spoon from your mother's hutch out as bait for the thief. c. The next morning, you go into your brother's room to find that he has been trapped inside a mirror himself. Question 14 : Is an artwork's quality subjective (based on human judgement) or objective (based on actual facts)? Consider a film that you think is fantastic and one that you think is bad; can you state one is objectively better than the other? a. However, more frequently of late, headlines tell of wildfires plaguing the west, just like they had before the rainmakers stepped forward to save the people they once thought of as invaders. b. But then a curious child follows the hunters on the next hunt and sees the power of the moon fill you. c. Eventually you form a roving gang of ex-princesses and pillage the kingdoms that trapped you. Question 15 : When was Diet Coke first available in the United States? The date is August 9, 1982. a. You come face to face with the haggard old man who just pulled you from the water. b. The amazing variety of molecules in these artificial organisms has supercharged the process of evolution, which is alarming since your organisms have escaped their laboratory confines. c. There is a massive sell-off the likes of which you have never seen before. 5
Study Portfolios - NERO Week 4 Analysis For Study Portfolios You've spent your entire adult life traveling through space to find a way to become immortal - and, surprisingly, you find it on a lesser-known planet on the other side of the galaxy. The curse, he tells you, can only be broken by a princess. You found the man of your dreams: someone you can truly love and be with for the rest of your life. When you do, the rusty old sword comes loose from the rock with ease. One day, you and a team of alien explorers find an underground bunker amongst the ruins containing thousands of humans in hibernation pods. You zoom in to find that he was trying to remove lipstick from his collar. Your husband disapproves, but you have always believed that you are destined to be more than a housewife. He talks about history, recent and past, and seems to know the answers to most of the questions you ask on the matter, as if he was there himself. Earth has not yet reached the stage where an interstellar journey can be achieved in a single lifetime, not without the use of cryosleep. 6
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