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4. What is the name of the Chinese government's strategic plan to invest in infrastructure and increase China's influence globally? a) Five Year Plan b) Belt and Road Initiative c) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank d) New Silk Road 5. In Forex trading, what is the term for the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair? a) Margin b) Pip c) Spread d) Leverage 6. What is the financial term for the interest rate at which banks lend money to one another overnight, often considered an indicator of a country's economic health? a) Prime rate b) Federal funds rate c) Discount rate d) LIBOR rate 7. In finance, what does the acronym "IRR" stand for? a) Interest Rate Return b) Internal Rate of Return c) Investment Risk Reduction d) Interest Rate Reduction 8. Which blockchain platform is known for its programmable smart contracts and is often used for decentralized applications (DApps)?
a) Bitcoin b) Ethereum c) Ripple d) Litecoin 9. What is the primary purpose of the `zip()` function in Python? a) To sort a list in ascending order b) To compress files and folders c) To combine multiple iterable objects into a single iterable d) To count the occurrences of an element in a list 10. How do consistency, availability and partition tolerance factor into distributed database architecture per the CAP theorem? a) Can only optimize two in a distributed system - impacts database design. b) CAP theorem is outdated and invalidated by modern distributed databases. c) Applies only to non-relational data stores like Cassandra, not SQL databases. d) Mainly relevant when replicating databases globally.
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