Letters 1, 3(x4), 6, 11, 12 - meeting 10.16.23

Ordinance No. 2023 ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING PAYMENT TO ROUTE 80 QUARRY RIDGE STABLES FOR SERVICES RELATIVE TO HORSE DRIVEN WAGONS FOR HAYRIDES AT THE HOLIDAY HAYRIDES EVENT BE IT ORDAINED, that the Commissioner of Finance be and he is hereby authorized to issue a payment to cover costs not to exceed $5,200 to 80 Quarry Ridge Stables for services including two (2) Horse driven wagons for Hayrides at the Holiday Hayrides Event on four (4) separate dates; Fridays, December 8 th and 15 th , and Saturdays, December 9 th and 16 th ; and BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, that part of said payments shall be charged to Celebrations Account #5046100.25 and the balance will come from Budget Account #01.71400.540552.
Ordinance No. 2023 ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING CONTRACT WITH BARTON & LOGUDICE, D.P.C. RELATIVE TO PROVIDING GENERAL LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF PARKS, RECREATION, AND YOUTH PROGRAMS WHEREAS, Section 5-205-A of the Charter of the City of Syracuse, as amended, provides the Mayor shall "award contracts for professional services subject to the approval of the Common Council"; and WHEREAS, a Request for Proposal (REP) was conducted for General Landscape Architectural Services and the RFP Committee recommended that Barton & Logudice, D.P.C. be awarded the contract; and WHEREAS, the Mayor has approved the retention of Barton & Logudice, D.P.C., under the following terms: (1) Barton & Logudice, D.P.C. shall provide general landscape architectural services for the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Programs on an as-needed basis; (2) The City shall pay Barton & Logudice, D.P.C. an amount not to exceed $31,250.00 for all services under this agreement; (3) The City does not guarantee any minimum level of work orders to be issued as all work done under the agreement; and (4) This Agreement shall be for the period of October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023, with the option for two (2) one (1) year extension periods subject to the approval of the Mayor and Common Council; this agreement is hereby extended for
the first one-year renewal period commencing on or about October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024, same termination provisions shall apply to the renewal period; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, that the Mayor, on behalf of the City of Syracuse, be and he hereby is authorized to execute such contract, as hereinabove stated, subject to the approval of the Corporation Counsel as to terms, form and execution; and BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, that all costs associated with this agreement shall be charged to the Budget Account # 01.74100.541500 or another appropriate account a designated by the Commissioner of Finance. ____________ = New Material
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