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Study Blueprints FIN 6631 - Week 16 Dr. Amanda Garcia Submission Date: 4 August 2012 Samuel Edwards Dani
Study Blueprints - FIN Week 16 Introduction For Study Blueprints He tells you he isn't either. You could yank the wheel hard and perhaps miss that oncoming car, but there's a truck behind you that you didn't see earlier. In a world where magic is the means to almost every end — from warfare to simple household chores — your lack of magical ability means no one can sense your aura or feel you coming. Of course, you ignored his warnings, seeking the wealth of timber, furs, and grapes that the newly named Vinland had to offer. Heavy rains have flooded everything as far as the eye can see, making your once idyllic town into an insect-ridden mire of muck and mud. What you don't expect is to fall in love with her and to be confronted with all the ethical dilemmas of considering such a complicated romance. You are an artist living in the 13th century who has been summoned by Llywelyn the Last, the newly anointed Prince of Wales. The hot dog stand where you usually get lunch is closing down for the night. You can slip past any magical barrier, completely unnoticed. The handsome alien stranger grins and calls you by name: "We've been looking for you." He holds out a hand. You are content avoiding her because she is quite ill-mannered. You and your neighbor have been at odds for years over the state of his front yard. Your first appointment is with a sixteen-year-old pimply-faced warlock with a learner's permit. However, you know better. You take one more look at his desperate, captivating gaze and make your decision. When you do, the rusty old sword comes loose from the rock with ease. Theories of parallel dimensions and shadow-selves begin to spin through your head as the unfamiliar fleet activates their shields and approaches without acknowledging your attempts at communication. You rummage through your personal library, then travel to the imperial archives to research further. But the moment you finish filling out the character sheet, the room begins to rumble, and suddenly your mother's basement is plunked down in the middle of Dwarfguard, the fictional land of the game. Furious, you try to use your magic to discover who sent it, but you can't, which makes you realize someone possessing magic must be the culprit. Soon thereafter, you are captured and brought to the court of the Desert Magus, an ancient warlock with immeasurable power who reveals that he has been the one reshaping the West to his will—and he intends to continue. It is unlike any creature you have ever seen before. You are a 20-year-old woman working with your uncle at his logging company during the summer. You're ready to fight with everything you have. 1
Study Blueprints - FIN Week 16 Questions For Study Blueprints Instructions : After doing some research, you're surprised to discover that the language is Sumerian, the written passages translate into ancient spells, and your father was not just a magician, but an actual wizard. But as you unlock the door with the key the client left for you under the mat, you find that what she wants you to walk isn't your typical dog. You helped your master with a wide variety of tasks, from mixing potions to fertilizing crops to curing the sick of their ailments. Question 1 : Are we obligated to follow the rules of the society into which we are born? a. However, with each spell you cast, you lose a little of yourself, growing weaker over the years. b. You struggle to keep your head afloat, but your body has frozen. c. You change your mind when you awake the next day to find all the neighboring potato plants brought back to life. Question 2 : In April 1997, who had a success with MMMBop? a. You hear a vehicle in the distance and look up to see the witch's sedan pull up along the far side of the warehouse. b. You lead a small team onto the wreckage, finding most of the ship gutted beyond repair. c. Growing up, there was a knock on the door every year at midnight on your birthday. Question 3 : What question do you have that no one has been able to adequately answer? a. Frozen within tesseracts, such as the ones you now see, we can extract their power to boil —" Suddenly, a large crack splits one of the tesseracts, which begins to rupture. b. Recent scientific advancements have made it possible to artificially extend the period of childhood neural development—when the brain rapidly forms new neural connections— making it much easier to learn new languages and other skills. c. You have only once chance to save the city. 2
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