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Scholarly Inventories FINANCE 7926 - Week 9 Dr. Thomas Smith Submission Date: 21 January 2019 James Campbell Erin
Scholarly Inventories - FINANCE Week 9 Introduction For Scholarly Inventories You decide to spend several weeks living amongst the giants, learning their customs as well as a few basic words of their language. But what he uncovers is more than you bargained for. You exit the door and enter a new one. As a poor farmer in a region where many people suffer from nutritional deficiencies, you set out to challenge the system. You are the last of your kind, a dragon whose lineage has been terrorizing mankind for generations. Everything inside you is telling you to protect the book at all costs. In reality, countless travelers were harmed or even murdered by your hand. Who else can possibly know enough to attempt to blackmail you? But you need more evidence. You want to help, but you fear you are being manipulated as these spirits are known for being tricksters and playing pranks on humans. You love Anne like a sister and are more than happy to cast your spells when she needs them. Upon discovering a planet that seems remarkably similar to Earth, you decide to take a landing party down to explore it. You've been in the business for twenty years and have earned a name for yourself around the nation, building your success on creativity, flare, and implicit trust among your crew—as well as a complete refusal to tell your secrets. You always enjoy watching them, but one day you notice a fox hiding in the bushes, creeping up to get them. You didn't know it at the time, but you were aiding your patients by absorbing their mental states. Perhaps if you dance with the prince at the ball tonight you will secure your future as his bride. You look down and find you're flying. Moments later, you hear several other thumps, and you quickly follow the sounds all the way to your aunt's bedroom door. In order to secure Oxford College's funding, you must grin and bear their arrogant questioning and misogyny. You have fallen to number two. For years you were known as "Stallion Jack," a highwayman by trade who gallantly relieved carriage passengers of their worldly possessions. The one who unleashed hell. You see a stack of goblins staring back at you, looking as equally as bewildered as your feel. The remaining party investigates further and eventually uncovers a group of sorcerers merging animals and people together in ungodly ways. You are excited to see your friends, but when you climb out of your pod, the only person you see is your girlfriend, who has a gleam in her eye as she says, "It's just you and me." 1
Scholarly Inventories - FINANCE Week 9 Questions For Scholarly Inventories Instructions : A few of them are horrified, which is to be expected. She snatches the envelope and quickly counts what's inside. Within weeks, the neighborhood has turned into a massive sprawling jungle with thousands of plants, and you must find the plant that started it if you ever want to return to normal. Question 1 : Who played Ms. Frizzle in the animated television series "Magic School Bus"? Lily Tomlin is the correct answer. a. He wobbles when he walks, and his face remains obscured by the high collar of his trench coat and the wide brim of his hat. b. You try to ignore it, believing that it's probably just a tree branch scraping against your window, but it continues to disturb you. c. Having read that the dog is fussy and bites, you have brought along your gardening gloves to protect your hands. Question 2 : Which war did this declaration start? The War of 1812 was fought against the United Kingdom. a. As a barista, you are used to demanding customers and the never-ending line of drink orders. b. Now you must wait to see if their bodies will slowly acclimate to the harsh and sudden change or fail to do so and ultimately die. c. As you talk, you get the sense that a whole soul is almost within her grasp. Question 3 : In what year did the United States officially enter World War I? 1917. a. Your plant escapes and quickly drops its seeds around town. b. As you keep reading, you find yourself gradually falling in love with her. c. When you sit up, you come face to face with the cutest boy you have ever seen. 2
Scholarly Inventories - FINANCE Week 9 Question 4 : A lobster has how many legs? Answer: ten a. When the moon turns blood red and the cries of wolves can be heard echoing throughout the land, a young woman must be sacrificed to appease the ancient god who lays dormant under your village. b. Straining to hear, you make it out to be a male voice, calling for help. c. Never mind that it's the wealthiest planet in the galaxy and that your father is Lord of its third-largest continent. Question 5 : Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual colour, or do you intend to? a. While the DNA is somewhat degraded, modern methods can accurately sequence degraded DNA, reconstruct it, and insert it into living cells—including oocytes that can be implanted into surrogate animal mothers. b. You are a shy boy who is new in town with no friends to speak of. c. He points to the ocean and says that Poseidon himself has blessed the journey and will aid you on the quest. Question 6 : What colour would each individual be if everyone here was a different colour? a. While the DNA is somewhat degraded, modern methods can accurately sequence degraded DNA, reconstruct it, and insert it into living cells—including oocytes that can be implanted into surrogate animal mothers. b. He's a little clumsy and off-balance, but he gets it done. c. You open it to find an elf, a wizard, a goblin, and a kangaroo standing outside, saying they received your invitation. Question 7 : Is it possible to justify eating meat? a. It darts off, scrabbling through an open window, and you follow it, eventually discovering a small city of cats in the middle of the woods. b. You know the Highlands are calling you to act. c. Your father is always coming home with unusual souvenirs from his travels abroad. 3
Scholarly Inventories - FINANCE Week 9 Question 8 : What is your weirdest type of entertainment? a. You quickly urge your family into the basement, snatching your shotgun from the mantle and tossing the wood axe to your wife. b. As the leader of your clan of frogs, he reveals a shocking secret to you on his deathbed: All the males in your family can turn into a human—but only if they can convince a human to fall in love with them. c. However, one particular young man bore a striking resemblance to you. Question 9 : In Only Fools and Horses, what was the name of the tower block where Del Boy and Rodney Trotter lived? a. Although many have tried, no one has bested you in battle. b. You quickly grab a grape from one of the nearby barrels and place it on the map where the strangers have drawn the trees. c. They draw a pond to the south, a forest to the west, and a swamp to the north. Question 10 : How many minutes, hours, or days does it typically take for the sun's light to reach Earth? a. But then the use of your magic takes its toll as Anne's demands grow larger. b. Your protests are cut short as she fires. c. It is 1969, and you are one of the first astronauts to walk on the moon. Question 11 : What was unique about Elisabeth of the Palatinate's critique of Descartes? a. You reread the letter and find a P.S. b. The settlers you to talk to refuse to make eye contact and are wary of you, regardless of how friendly you are. c. You have only once chance to save the city. 4
Scholarly Inventories - FINANCE Week 9 Question 12 : Who do you think is the most creative person you know? a. From that day forward, wherever you go, the eyes seem to be there, appearing in dark corners or under furniture. b. You and your fellow computer campers are going to put your minds together and create some technological pranks and boobytraps that will put their night raids to shame. c. Here, species of all kinds—aliens from across the galaxy—live in peace and unity. Question 13 : What drew the Pilgrims to America? After becoming disgruntled with the Protestant Church in England, they decided to form their own religious society. a. Your legs tremble as you swing them over the ledge and carefully stand up. b. You enter, and the odd man behind the counter offers you a free, limited-edition Deeds and Dwarves Campaign book, the game that you and your friends play every weekend. c. The battle for the end of days is waging, and your angel brethren are called to arms. Question 14 : Which war did this declaration start? The War of 1812 was fought against the United Kingdom. a. Shocked to hear that women were pretending this entire time, heroes must now find a new way to prove themselves. b. You turn around and stare at the new figures. c. When you look at the water, unrelenting fear takes hold of you. Question 15 : Should legalisation of neuroenhancement medicines be considered? a. You feel connected to the land in a way you can't explain, and your mother is a genius at knowing just how to make the crops flourish. b. When you see the mural the next day, the figure has moved closer. c. It's 1984, and your father is a famous magician who entertains thousands of adoring fans from Atlantic City to Las Vegas. 5
Scholarly Inventories - FINANCE Week 9 Analysis For Scholarly Inventories The process has been so successful that all living humans have been spared the disappointment of discovering that they are bad at something despite their best efforts, and have only been exposed to endless praise. You try to shake off the odd feeling, but then see his face, with a different name, on a missing person poster. "There he is, my king. When you go outside to investigate, you see that actual fairies have moved into the village. You've seen this man before... ten years ago, standing over the body of your murdered father. You find yourself in a version of your hometown that is not quite your hometown. She hands you the tiniest jar you have ever seen, which contains a tiny tooth. Your grandmother's dog has always bothered you. The game allows you to explore an open world full of dragons and fantasy creatures and travel to different arenas to compete against other players. 6
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