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Scholarly Chronicles FINANCE 3289 - Week 14 Dr. Richard Turner Submission Date: 23 February 2018 Mia Smith Novalee
Scholarly Chronicles - FINANCE Week 14 Introduction For Scholarly Chronicles Today, however, your heart sinks when your friend sends over the latest rankings with a sad emoji. You are not experienced in drawing wildlife and would rather return to your work on the Lambeth Apocalypse manuscript, but you have no choice but to obey the commands of your liege and join the expedition. Once you arrive, you realize your leaders lied to you. She used to tell you that the moon imbues them with magic, and if you find the right one, it will grant you one wish. When a scruffy-jawed man with thick boots and violet eyes enters the café, the old woman nearly drops her coffee pot. One of the officers believes your story and offers to help you. You have taken a pizza delivery job, which is perfect for you considering you can run at superhuman speeds — a power you gained after an accident involving an electrical outlet. You hope that your dream was not a premonition. Before you embarked on your search, you were a blacksmith with a loving wife and three children. You seal the cockpit, confirm that your navigator is ready, and start the engines. She parks her car but keeps the motor running. You and your brother have never been close. Eventually, you crawl into a space under a log and quietly wait. When you pick up strange readings from an object drifting through deep space, what you find shocks you to the core. Years passed, and soon the family forgot about the oddball uncle until one day you received a letter from him asking for your help. His most recent trip took him to the pyramids, where he acquired a painting of ancient Egypt. When she suddenly returns the following month, with a different attitude and an unfamiliar wardrobe, you are naturally suspicious. Wait. But when one of your puns makes King Gerald laugh himself to death, the tables turn. See you in a month for the next payment. "Welcome to the Nelson Lake Power Station. Your friend, who is much more athletic than you, gives it a try without success. Some are frightened and overwhelmed by this experience, while others welcome the feeling of seeing music vibrate in the air and hearing the frequencies of colors. You flip to the next page to find another illustration of yourself falling into a swirling black portal as if a tornado opened up below your feet. 1
Scholarly Chronicles - FINANCE Week 14 Questions For Scholarly Chronicles Instructions : They survive the encounter and return to Spain with only a tall tale to show for it. The case is as typical as typical can get. He tells you that she's coming. Question 1 : What animal, if it could talk, would be the most terrifying? a. You have only once chance to save the city. b. It took twelve hunters to defeat the mighty mammoth. c. At a fair, you win one of the games and receive a wooden unicorn as your prize. Question 2 : What is something that you find tough yet believe should be simple? a. As the owner of a greenhouse, you survived the initial impact but now must live in a world where resources are few and humanity is on the verge of extinction. b. The stories often describe you as a daring and dashing gentleman of the road whose swashbuckling heroism was matched only by your chivalrous respect for all of your well-to- do victims. c. Needless to say, your shelter needs additional funding to stay afloat. Question 3 : What are your thoughts on tipping? a. Our family has a gift to read and influence minds, along with a host of other powers. b. One day one of your patrons comes into the store toward the end of your workday in a panic, asking if you have any first editions left. c. New technologies have simplified traveling to the bottom of the oceans, so exploring these great depths has become the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. 2
Scholarly Chronicles - FINANCE Week 14 Question 4 : From ancient to modern philosophies, the power of ideas. a. When he leads you into the back room and you see an old superhero suit —one that's been at the center of many urban legends — you know you're in for a good story. b. You agree, eager to pursue the lead. c. At lunchtime, you grab your bag and head outside to avoid the cafeteria — your sisters' domain. Question 5 : What is the strangest aspect of modern life that people accept as normal? a. You board the Santa Maria, the third of three ships, and hide. b. You sing, you dance, and you roast the royals without consequence. c. Here, species of all kinds—aliens from across the galaxy—live in peace and unity. Question 6 : What is your lucky charm? a. You board the Santa Maria, the third of three ships, and hide. b. As the jester of the court, your job is to keep the royals laughing. c. The stock market has finally finished its correction. Question 7 : The debate about physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. a. You deliver papers for a local newspaper publication that your family owns. b. In the distance, the ground has been torn asunder. c. Your sadistic uncle forces you into a marriage with the cursed lord and, after one long year, you have had enough of your husband's never-ending ailment. 3
Scholarly Chronicles - FINANCE Week 14 Question 8 : What is the hottest food you've ever eaten? a. However, the trickster is on to you and traps you in a series of hilarious scenarios, each of which you must escape before he turns you into a duck. b. As you come of age, you discover that you can manipulate time. c. The first eleven hunters had been thrown and knocked out, as usual, leaving you, the final hunter, to pull power from the moon to finally bring down the beast. Question 9 : Which year did the Large Hadron Collider achieve its initial collisions? a. You take it, envisioning yourself as the champion of your friend group who will be applauded for showing them exclusive content for a game they all love. b. You begin to lose hope, but when the farmer's beautiful daughter approaches you and expresses her interest in your food invention, you think you have found your business partner—and perhaps something much more. c. You hate your manager, and you hate working at Burger Hut, but most of all you hate the smell of French fries cooking in a rancid vat of oil. Question 10 : What city in Argentina is the capital? a. Now she wants to be queen, despite the fact that Catherine of Aragon is already the queen. b. You see John Wilkes Booth approaching him, his Deringer pistol drawn, and you know you have only one chance to save Abraham Lincoln. c. You and your friend are at a carnival when you come across a booth challenging you to test your strength by pulling a sword out of a stone. Question 11 : Is it possible to be happy without simultaneously experiencing unpleasant emotions such as grief and pain? a. There's only 7,000 miles left of your planned 29,000-mile flight to become the first woman to fly around the world. b. You awake in the middle of the night and lock eyes with a white cat, the spoon in its mouth. c. As a result, many want to bulldoze the original structures, which are extremely expensive to maintain. 4
Scholarly Chronicles - FINANCE Week 14 Question 12 : When did Netflix release the first season of the drama series Ozark? a. The whale-like creatures that live in the temperate waters of your home planet have been hunted by aliens for generations. b. While waiting for the school bus on a rainy day, you notice a set of tiny red eyes peeking out at you from a bush. c. But nothing else is the same. Question 13 : What kind of art would you devote your life to if you could? a. As a lonely and awkward teenage genius, you design a robot with artificial intelligence to serve as your best friend. b. After waiting in your hiding spot for a long time without being found, you decide to return to the schoolyard, but you quickly realize that you are lost. c. You cut off your long gray hair, don some less ornate clothing, and sneak out of your tower to head off in search of adventure. Question 14 : What is something that you find tough yet believe should be simple? a. These weekly trips have become a complete dead end, and you are becoming increasingly frustrated with your loveless life. b. As a result, some human parents feel free to engage in heavy drug and alcohol use. c. There was an old lady who lived in a shoe until its owner returned. Question 15 : What is the strangest SMS or email you've ever received? a. After the spacecraft reaches its destination 1,200 years later, you are responsible for controlling this ancient technology to gather information about that planet, which does indeed contain life forms. b. Then one day it dawns on you: You don't really need superpowers to protect the innocent from the forces of evil — you can be one of those superheroes who uses gadgets! You quickly download the best CAD software you can find, watch a few YouTube tutorials, and get to work. c. You open your eyes to find the fox running away from the bunnies, who are now the size of your mom's car. 5
Scholarly Chronicles - FINANCE Week 14 Analysis For Scholarly Chronicles What feels like minutes turns into hours, but you don't even notice the passage of time as you stare fixated at the colorful pixels on the screens. But as you unlock the door with the key the client left for you under the mat, you find that what she wants you to walk isn't your typical dog. The settlers you to talk to refuse to make eye contact and are wary of you, regardless of how friendly you are. One night, you wake to see a purple orb glowing in the fields. Eyes wide, you stare at the book of matches before accepting the vendor's offer. A powerful explosion of air and smoke erupts from the box, shattering the nearby windows. You're not sure what a young girl can do against the might of the English throne, but as the whispers grow more fierce, the will o' the wisps converge, lighting up the night in a trail leading toward the nunnery. You quickly lift your rifle, aim it at the growling creature, and slowly back away. As soon as you do, you realize you have made a mistake. 6
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