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An agent who violates the laws governing life insurance policy illustrations is subject to all of the following EXCEPT - ✔✔ mandatory termination of all insurer appointments Which policy is a saving instrument designed to first accumulate funds and then systematically to liquidate the funds? - ✔✔ deferred annuity individual life insurance policies sold to seniors in the State of California must include a prominently place statement that divulges all of the following information EXCEPT - ✔✔ proof of surrender must be notarized at the agent's principal office People commonly purchase an annuity to protect against the risk of - ✔✔ outliving their financial resources What is one difference between group life an individual life underwriting? - ✔✔ individual life insurance requires the applicant to answer medical questions A $50,000 whole life policy with a cash value of $10,000 has been in force for eleven years. The policyowner is unable to continue the premium payments. Which of the following describes the reduced paid-up nonforfeiture option? - ✔✔ The cash value is used to select a $20,000 paid-up policy Which of the following is a characteristic of nonqualified annuities? - ✔✔ Tax-deferred earnings A 10-year certain annuity an installment refund is purchased. The annuitant dies after receiving monthly payments for 5 years. How many remaining payments will the insurer make? - ✔✔ 60 payments The payor rider on a juvenile life policy provides that if the payor dies or becomes disabled before the insured juvenile reaches the age specified on the policy that the - ✔✔ insurer will make the payments until the insured juvenile reaches a specified age usually twenty-one or twenty-five. Which of the following contracts provided benefits that fluctuate automatically with investment results? - ✔✔ Variable life insurance
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