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A health insurance issuer offering coverage in the individual market must provide premium rebates if its medical loss ratio (MLR) is less than what percentage? - ✔✔ 80% According to the California Insurance Code, all of the following Long--Term Care (LTC) insurance sales are considered unnecessary EXCEPT - ✔✔ a replacement LTC policy with equal benefits for a lower premium All of the following types of insurance pay benefits in addition to those paid by other insurance policies held by the insured EXCEPT - ✔✔ medical expense The most common type of specified disease insurance policy is - ✔✔ cancer After the deductible is satisfied, what percentage of a reasonable charges does Medicare Part B pay? - ✔✔ 80% Which of the following statements concerning the usual coordination of benefits provision is correct? - ✔✔ when two plans both have the provision, coverage as an employee is primary to coverage as a dependent Which health insurance provision protects an insured from the expense of a catastrophic illness? - ✔✔ stop-loss Which insurance contract provision addresses the problem of overinsurance? - ✔✔ coordination benefits Relevant factors in the health insurance principle of morbidity include all of the following EXCEPT - ✔✔ intelligence To reach currently insured status under the Social Security system, an individual must be credited with a MINIMUM of - ✔✔ 6 quarters of coverage during the last 13-quarter period In health insurance, the result of rising morbidity rates is - ✔✔ increased premiums
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