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Which of the following is a correct statement about the premium payment modes? The total premium paid by a life policyowner for one policy year is: - ✔✔ greater if the premium is paid semiannually rather than annually What is the limit of liability on a life insurance policy? - ✔✔ the face amount of the policy Traditional comprehensive major medical plans include all of the following EXCEPT - ✔✔ first-dollar coverage Under a disability income insurance policy with an own occupation clause, an individual who no longer perform the tasks of the job held at the time of injury is considered - ✔✔ totally disabled Part-time nursing care that follows a hospitalization and can be provided in a patient's home is covered under - ✔✔ home health care benefits What type of insurance can be purchased at airports, bus terminals, and railroad stations? - ✔✔ travel accident insurance During the solicitation of a long term care insurance rider, a life agent must consider all of the following EXCEPT the applicant's - ✔✔ attending physician statement Vision care insurance usually covers all of the following EXCEPT - ✔✔ eye surgery All of the following are optional group medical coverages EXCEPT - ✔✔ meternity What is the cost of service from the Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program (HICAP)? - ✔✔ No charge All of the following may opt for a self insured medical and disability plan EXCEPT - ✔✔ individuals Which statement about Medicare is NOT correct? - ✔✔ Medicare Part C covers long-term care.
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