. Include a budget that outlines how you will use the grant funds. Your budget should include a list of costs and supporting details.. Eligible costs include: training materials, training supplies, facility rental, course design or development, trainer wages (for course delivery only), and equipment if used only (T (= 1o 1a V=4 o101 g o I=F I [a = [F=d] o] (SR elo 1y (g Tl [V 16 L3R (= \VZ<1 MR (W11 B2 gy 1<) salary for trainers, food and beverages, and training that is developed externally (conferences, seminars). Use a tableto list your costs. Now, submit your draft here so your assigned peer reviewers can access your proposal. Please do not email assignment to instructor. ' IMPORTANT: The peer review process will remain the same as with your letter peer review. Each student will need to peer review two (2) letter proposals using the peer review form located her Be sure to view the Writing Proposals video short prior to beginning your rough draft. After you receive your feedback back from your peers, you will need to implement any changes prior to your final proposal submission.
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