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ACCT 2200
Nov 12, 2023
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Ver. Mar 2019 Page 1 of 2 Family Financial Status (please complete Section A to C; use extra paper if necessary) Application Date : (DD/MMM/YYYY) Please select either one of the following financial assistance to apply by check ( ) as appropriate. Student ID : Apply for Wong Chak Chui International Enrichment Scholarship Apply for International Enrichment Grant Section A: Monthly Family Income - please provide the income status of all family members living in the SAME home of residence. No. Name in English (as shown on your HKID card or passport): Age Relationship with Applicant Present Occupation /Employment (state name of post and grade/rank) OR N/A *Present Monthly Income in HK$ OR N/A Name of Employer/ Company/Self-employed OR Unemployed/Retired OR School Name (year of study) OR N/A In Present Job/ Self-employed (since MMM/YYYY) OR Unemployed/ Retired (since MMM/YYYY) OR N/A *Other Monthly Average Income in HK$ (e.g. Rental Income of Property/ Business Profit/ contributions from others) OR N/A # Other Asset Items in HK$ OR N/A 1 Applicant 2 3 4 5 6 Total Number of Family Members in the SAME Home of Residence: Total Monthly Family Income: HK$ *If your family member(s) are working in oversea, please convert their monthly income to Hong Kong Dollar; please note that the "Present Monthly Income" and "Other Monthly Average Income" of each family member means his/her total income, including leave pay, employee's MPF contribution, bonuses, cash awards, commission, tips, payment in lieu of notice and part-time income earned from part-time employment. Any allowances such as overtime work allowances, living allowances, housing or rent allowances, travel allowances and food allowances are also included. Family income proof may be required to submit for further verification upon request. # Other Asset Items of each family member means his/her bank deposits (including all savings, time deposits and current accounts, etc. in Hong Kong dollars, Renminbi and foreign currencies), cash, and union deposits; Cash value of insurance policies (including dividends); Investments (including stocks, funds, bonds, warrants); shares/business operated; land/properties (including non-self-owned properties, shops and car parking spaces, etc.); vehicles/vessels (including private and commercial vehicles and vessels); taxi/public light bus licences; accrued benefits that have been withdrawn or can be withdrawn from MPF/provident funds; betting account balance; loans that have yet to be recovered; assets held in trust by others and other realizable assets (e.g. gold bars, gold coins, etc.).
Ver. Mar 2019 Page 2 of 2 Section B: *Home of Residence Please put down the Home of Residence Address of your family in the space provided and indicate such property is self-owned, on mortgage, or on rental. Check ( ) as appropriate. Home of Residence Address (English In BLOCK LETTER): Estimated cash value of self-owned home of residence: HK$ Self-owned home of residence with mortgage YES NO If yes, monthly mortgage amount: HK$ Rental: Private Public housing Monthly rent: HK$ Section C: *Extra Family Estate/Land Property Check ( ) as appropriate. Excluding the above self-owned home of residence indicated in section B, my family owned _____ extra estate/land property and the total estimated cash value is: HK$_________________________ NO, my family does NOT own any extra estate/land property excluding the self-owned premise of residence indicated in Section B. *If your family self-owned home of residence and/or extra family estate/land property is/are located in overseas, please convert the estimated cash value to Hong Kong Dollar. (Exchange Rate = HK$1: )
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