3rd February 2023 ~ Personal Financial Literacy

Student Name Inst. Mottern Personal Financial Literacy 3 rd February 2023 If I had to identify a talent given to me by God, that would probably have to be my artistic eye. I have always enjoyed drawing and coloring since I've been little. That's evolved into a love of baking, 3D modelling and doing model railway kits. While not strictly art, it involves artistic skills, an eye for what looks right, and so forth. I've actually arranged Easter Brunch 2 times, both successes, and family members were impressed. They recognized my skill of having things, "just so", for lack of a better term. I'm inclined to agree with them, art class was always a favorite of mine when in elementary school, and I've made cards for relatives for as long as I remember, whether it's for a birthday or other special event. I enjoy my gift, I'm able to bring joy and delight to people by creating things pleasing to the senses, displaying God's glory, by displaying kindness to those I love and care about, even if it's a stranger at a party, where I've brought a neatly decorated cake for others to enjoy. The same thing when I bring Happy Birthday cards or Christmas cards to friends and families. It may not be perfectly printed to a microscopic scale, but it has love, thought, care, and skill put into it. The Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach puts it best by stating, "I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music." What he means by this is that God is responsible for all forms of art that humans have delivered, being the vessels in a sense, of which I agree.
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