Market Revolution - New Technologies Shark Tank Activity The Market Revolution -- an innovative period in the early 1800's—began to thrust people from a predominantly agricultural existence into a more urban lifestyle. Just as the dot-coms were integral to the 1990s, inventions were what made this epoch unique. Without all those soaring, ingenious minds, many of the basic goods and services we use today wouldn't exist. Whether adventurous souls dared to tinker with existing inventions or to dream of something brand-new, one thing's for sure -- the revolution changed the lives of many people (yours included). ( Background to Shark Tank: Shark Tank is an American reality TV show on ABC that features a panel of business executives and investors (called 'Sharks') who consider offers and listen to pitches from entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking funding for their business, products, or services. The panel includes Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner. ( Example Shark Tank Episodes: https:// Market Revolution - Shark Tank Activity We will be conducting our own in-class version of Shark Tank using the most significant inventions of the Industrial Revolution. You will be selected as either a member of the Shark Tank (investors) or to make a pitch as an inventor from the past. Task for Shark Tank Members: Do initial research on the 10 inventions and record your findings Identify 2 questions PER invention that you will ask each investor. You will have 10 million dollars to invest in companies/inventions. Identify preliminary investments, how much money you would be willing to invest how much equity you will want in return for your investment. The amount of equity should reflect the risk of the investment. Equity- the percentage of ownership in a company through stock holdings. Task for Inventors: You will work in groups of 2 Research your invention and put together a slick pitch that will get the Sharks to invest in your invention. You can use pictures, sound, film, props, etc. You need to understand your invention very well and be able to explain/show/prove how your invention is a necessity and worthy of the investment of the Sharks. Your pitch should be NO longer than 2 minutes. You need to state how much money you would like them to invest and the %of equity that you are willing to give up in return for their investment. Equity- the percentage of ownership in a company through stock holdings. Anticipate questions that Sharks may ask and be prepared to answer them. Watch AT LEAST 20 minutes of shark tank episodes to get a "feel" for a pitch
Shark Tank Members (Pre-Pitch): Invention Research Notes Pros Cons Questions (2) % Cotton Gin Eli Whitney Interchange Parts Eli Whitney Steamboat Robert Fulton Erie Canal Benjamin Wright & Gov. DeWit Clinton
Steel Plow John Deere Reaping Machine "McCormick Reaper" Cyrus McCormick Sewing Machine Isaac Singer Revolver Samuel Colt
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