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[Last Name] 1 Courtney Gift Ms. Santy AP English Composition 26 October 2021 Analyzing Rhetoric: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Edward's sermon reveals that within his Puritan religion he believes in the damnation of any man who strays from the path of god. He weaponizes SOAPSTONE to make people, who believe differently fear him. He uses emotional appeal, imagery and, an aggressive fear-aiding tone. He compares himself on a scale to the Israelites, basically saying they are little to nothing compared to himself, an example of emotional appeal. He also continues to talk about how any man who/s beliefs are the will "beat god's hell" their downfall and cause of their demise. He is stating all these things about how you are damned from the path if you do not follow the Puritans path. He uses imagery like talking about how we are all the equivalent of spiders and at any moment God can cut our strings and damn us to hell. He talks about how our lives are in the 'hands' of God. We simply couldn't do anything if Gods 'hand' wasn't under us. He speaks of hell as a place that god could drop you into at any moment. His aggressive fear-aiding tone, espesically to the end was to strike nothing but fear in his auidence's heart. The occasion, was a public serom that was turned into a fear tactic. His tone made every word he said more angry and more serious. He was truly striking fear into his auidence's hearts. He chose an unethical use of rehtoric, but it was rhetoric none the less.
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