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Peer Review - Introduction o Background of disease - provides sufficient background context not in the introduction but later on in the essay on Salmonella like what it is, its symptoms, and treatments. You may want to add what Salmonella is in the introduction so people reading the paper know what you are discussing but it is in the following paragraph so it may not be a big deal. o Framing of the outbreak - the essay provides the basis of what would occur if there was an outbreak by a field investigation. - Study to determine the distribution of the disease o How well is the study set up? The study seems to be set up well, it addresses all the aspects of an outbreak and uses other studies as evidence. o Is the proper methodology followed? Yes - Longer-term study to see what factors are determining the distribution of the disease o How well is the study set up? I believe a long term study was not listed in the paper although your investigation on animals may be considered as part of a long term study since it further focuses on a different aspect of Salmonella. (paragraph 4) o Is the proper methodology followed? n/a - What sorts of control measures and treatments are recommended or put in place? o Are appropriate measures/treatments implemented? Yes, a paragraph is dedicated to treatment and control strategies. Although you may want to further explain what these processes would look like just so the people funding the studying know what you plan on doing. o Do the control measures make sense? Yes, cited references are used. - How engaging is the paper? Does the paper address the audience/prompt appropriately o Does the paper grab your attention? Yes, the paper is coherent and the structure of the essay helps understand the study. o Do you feel like you want to fund the study/studies? Yes, implementing more information on Salmonella would be beneficial so people funding the study know what Salmonella is precisely but, you do provide sufficient evidence from past studies. o Is the prompt answered? Yes. - Grammar and sentence structure seem good, I do recommend using grammarly to make sure your grammar is absolutely correct. Overall, your essay was really interesting to read and your framing of the outbreak seemed to be coherent.
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