Module Six Lesson One Assignment Your lines of poetry (1)

Module Six Lesson One: Assignment 1 Rhyme Scheme 2# of syllables Lines A 7 1 A 8 2 B 8 3 B 12 4 C 8 5 C 9 6 D 10 7 D 9 8 Across the ocean's embrace, Migrants seek America's grace. America, where dreams soar high, I left my homeland, bidding my goodbye. With dreams as sails, my heart took flight, Seeking a better life, immersed in light. America's embrace, a shelter true, As aspirations bloom and breakthrough. Metaphor: Dreams are being compared to sails, which symbolizes the driving force and direction that moves individuals towards a better life in America. Personification: Aspirations are being described as blooming and breakthrough, attributing it with the ability to grow and overcome obstacles.
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