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Interruptions are one of life's many occurrences whether we like them or not, we cannot really stop them, but we can make the most out of it and try to prevent these from happening to the best of our ability. Usually, my phone is the biggest interruption and if my tv show is paused in the background I will usually "take a break" to watch a few minutes of it instead of doing schoolwork. Another thing would be if my boyfriend needed my help with something I would do it. Phone interruptions can be prevented by setting it down somewhere that is not close. I can also turn off the tv, so it does not tempt me into watching "just one more episode." But the interruptions I cannot prevent are the ones someone else makes, although I can say no and put my schoolwork priority above it sometimes. These interruptions impact my ability to accomplish my tasks because it makes my productivity level go down and then makes me end up losing stamina for what I needed done. Since starting school here, I have made a specific time that I do schoolwork and I made sure that period had the least interruptions. Other times that I am doing schoolwork and end up getting interrupted I will either do more short spans of work or make more time at the end of the day to do it. I usually have a good amount of time in the evenings to do schoolwork but doing some in the day really helps. The resources given for this module led great insight on managing time and working school into your lifestyle. It is about figuring out what works for you and your schedule, you must experiment until you find what works best for you.
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