In chapter 11+12

In chapter 11, the author wrote about small group. I remember back when I was in middle school until high school, my teachers had me do group projects. I was always the shy smart girl in the class, so when we had small group projects the people in the group would make me do most to all the work. One day while being in a small group doing a project I got tired of having to always do everything myself, I got mad to told everyone in the group off ; because I was left doing the work alone. After that day, everyone who was in a group with me would do some of the work we would be assigned. (120 words) In chapter 12, the author wrote about decision making. One thing about growing up is having to make different decisions. There are so many different decisions I have had to make, one being whether to give my best friend an opportunity to date me or not. He is not the best at relationships; and I already knew he was going to eventually hurt me. Even though I really did love him, I chose to not give him a chance; because I did not want to be hurt. When he wanted to be in a relationship with me, he was already speaking with other people and so I did not want to commit to him. But this was such a hard decision to make which is the moral of the story. (130 words)
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