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RLC 2119
Electrical Engineering
Sep 18, 2023
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UESTC4019: Real-Time Computer Systems and Architecture Lecture 10 Input and Output Module
Generic Model of an I/O Module An I/O module has two major functions: Interface to the processor and memory via the system bus or central switch Interface to one or more peripheral devices by tailored data links In this lecture, we will examine: The various ways in which the I/O function can be performed in cooperation with the processor and memory: the internal I/O interface The external I/O interface, between the I/O module and the outside world I/O Module Links to peripheral devices Control Lines Data Lines Address Lines System Bus
External Devices Provide a means of exchanging data between the external environment and the computer/embedded system Attach to the computer by a link to an I/O module The link is used to exchange control , status , and data between the I/O module and the external device Peripheral device An external device connected to an I/O module
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