Study sync grammar subjectverb agreement unit 7 (1)

Name ___________________________________________________ Class _________ Date ____________________ Unit 7: Subject-Verb Agreement Lesson 44 Subject-Verb Agreement Every verb must agree with its subject in person and in number. Most verbs have a different form only in the present tense; when the subject is third-person singular, an - s or - es is added to the base verb. The linking verb be is an exception. It changes form in both the present and past tenses. SINGULAR PLURAL G r He takes. They take. a m She is friendly. They are friendly. m It was ripe. They were ripe. a r The auxiliary verbs be , have , and do change form in verb phrases to show agreement with third-person subjects. He is running home They are running home. She has arrived. They have arrived. Does she have a ride? Do they have a ride? . e s u ! Exercise 1 Draw one line under the simple subject and two lines under the correct verb form m o o r s in parentheses. s a l c r o f e Agriculture (remains, remain) vital to the interest of every person. c u d o r p e 1. The United States still (produces, produce) a majority of the world's food supply. r o t d e t n 2. Modern farms (has, have) become more efficient than ever. a r g s i n o
3. A new science called agribusiness (has, have) been responsible for much of the improvement. i s s i m r e P 4. Farmers (takes, take) a keen interest in market conditions and efficiency techniques. . n o i t a c u 5. One day's work for a farmer today (equals, equal) about a week's effort for our grandparents. d E l l i H - 6. Scientifically balanced fertilizers (keeps, keep) the nutrients in the soil high. w a r G c M 7. Better seeds (yields, yield) larger crops. © t h g i r y p 8. The seeds (is, are) developed to withstand extremes in climate and disease. o C 9. The only product of many large companies (is, are) hybrid seeds. 10. Newly developed weed-killers (increases, increase) crop yield. 11. Efficient pest control (has, have) reduced crop loss. 12. Almost every year the yield per acre (rises, rise). Unit 7, Subject-Verb Agreement 161 Name ___________________________________________________ Class _________ Date ____________________ 13. Computers (performs, perform) many tasks on modern farms. 14. They (records, record) statistics on crop production and even (tracks, track) the weather. 15. Despite all of these advances, the number of farms (grows, grow) smaller every year. 16. Many young people (leaves, leave) the family farm in search of another profession. 17. Large corporations (has, have) purchased many of the successful farms. 18. These huge companies (involves, involve) themselves in every facet of agriculture. 19. To some people, that practice (is, are) beneficial. 20. Others (thinks, think) it (hurts, hurt) the small farmer. r a ! Exercise 2 Place a check ( ) next to each sentence in which the subject and verb agree. m m
Many advances have been made in livestock production. a r G 1 . Fewer animals die from disease because of advances in veterinary science. 2 . New antibiotics decreases the number of deaths in young animals. 3. Scientists continues to search for ways to increase the meat supply. 4. One new product are beefalo. 5. It is a cross between a cow and the American bison. C o p y r i g 6. Some people is experimenting with ostrich farms. h t © M c 7. Supermarket shelves of the future might hold packages of ostrich meat. G r a w - H i 8. In southern states, some farmers raise alligators. l l E d u c a t i o 9. Many people enjoys eating the meat from alligator tails. n . P e r m 10. Factory farming is a popular way to raise livestock today. i s s i o n i s 11. On factory farms, buildings holds large numbers of animals in a small space. g r a n t e d 12. This type of farming produce more meat, milk, or eggs in less time and more cheaply t o r e p r o d than on traditional farms. u c e f o r 13. On some factory farms, a chicken house holds as many as 100,000 chickens. c l a s
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