Write Up - Script and Slide Structure

Write Up - Script and Slide Structure Slide 1: Team Introduction - Brief introduction of each group member - State what our pitch is about Slide 2: Introduction - Introduce KMD Brands and Premier Investments - State the key characters of each company - State the setting of each company: what industry/market they operate in Slide 3: Vision and Goals - Briefly outline the goals of each company - How and what they are doing to achieve these goals for the future Slide 4: Rising and Falling Action - Evaluate the goals and strategies used to achieve each company's goals and create a story: meaning if the goals are achieved and the strategies work how will it pan out for each company's future? - State for each company the value drivers that will promote growth and the ability to achieve goals, as well as red flags that may hinder each company. - Then rank each of the value drivers and red flags for each company with the most impact - Finally, create assumptions as to what the value drivers and ref flags will have on each company's future Slide 5: 3 Future Scenarios - Worst-Case Scenario - Assign a growth rate for the worst-case scenario and likelihood for each company - Create a plausible narrative for each company for their worst-case scenario (Refer to value drivers and red flags) Slide 6: Base-Case Scenario - Assign a growth rate for the base-case scenario and likelihood for each company - Create a plausible narrative for each company for their base-case scenario (Refer to value drivers and red flags) Slide 7: Best-Case Scenario - Assign a growth rate for the best-case scenario and likelihood for each company - Create a plausible narrative for each company for their best-case scenario (Refer to value drivers and red flags) Slide 8: Active Inference - Provide active inference for one of the scenarios for each company: from the worst/base/best scenario with sound reasoning. - Sound reasoning refers to plausible assumptions and facts Slide 9: Number Crunching - Through the three different scenarios, show/state how we computed the expected growth rate and discount rate to get the present value. - Then just state the intrinsic value per share for each company Slide 10: Recommendation - Compare the current share price for each company and the intrinsic value - Pitch the best final investment opportunity by recommending to the target audience and why they should buy that one out of the two.
Market/Industry KMD Brands Ltd is a designer, marketer, retailer, and wholesaler of apparel, footwear, and equipment for surfing and the outdoors . Mainly in Sports and Camping Equipment Retailing in Australia . KMD Brands operates a global outdoor, lifestyle, and sports company, consisting of three brands: Kathmandu, Rip Curl, and Oboz. The company currently operates approximately 160 stores in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and operates an international webstore. KMD Brands also manufactures its house-branded products, with its product range including, but not limited to: Health and Maturity of KMD Brands operating industry - Sports and Camping Equipment Retailing in Australia : - The overall health of the industry that KMD Brands is operating has been restored since COVID-19, as the easing of restrictions has boosted demand and revenue. However, currently, industries in the retail sector including sports and camping equipment are facing slight financial and labour challenges with low unemployment that causes an increase in labour costs and shortages, as well as a recent hike in prices of electricity bills, due to the rising costs of coal and gas prices because of the Ukraine war. - KMD Brands is a well-established business in sporting and camping equipment retailing in Australia, with well-known brands and products for purchase with a significant customer following. Mature firms typically face steady competition and exhibit slow and steady growth, which is evident in KMD Brands' operations. As seen in the last financial year KMD Brands' revenue growth grew by 3.9%, outpacing the peer average. Market Cap - Approximately $789.60 million Share price - Approximately $1.04 Dividend Yield - 4.46% Shares issued - Approximately 711,347,722 Shares Equipment Packs Bags Sleeping bags Tents Travel Accessories Camping Accessories Apparel Waterproof Jackets Down Jackets Thermals Fleece Jackets Shirts and Pants Merino Apparel and Thermals Footwear and Socks
The Sport and Camping Equipment Retailing industry display moderate market share concentration, with the top four players accounting for almost 60% of total revenue in the current year. Industry concentration has risen over the past five years due to an increase in acquisitions and ongoing rationalisation among operators. KMD Brands is one of the major players in this industry, with a recent boost in their market share after the acquisition of the surfing equipment and retailer RipCurl in October 2019. One of KMD Brands' main competitors and another major player in this industry is the Super Retail Group. This company's main subsidiaries comprising of Rebel, BCF, Super Cheap Auto, and Macpac . The left-over market share of this industry consists of many small businesses in the industry outside of the industry's largest players. New players can enter the industry without facing high barriers to entry and low capital intensity, gaining a share of the market. It is labour- intensive and exhibits low technological change, which limits continuous capital investment in daily operations across the industry.
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