MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING TO: 97 th AMW - USAF FROM: John M. Huerta DATE: April 5, 2020 SUBJECT: Airshow Day 1: Winner To whom it may concern this memorandum of understanding consists of data gathered during the first day of an Airshow demonstrating the performance of four different types of aircraft. Among the data collected were the number of sorties, data points, they mean as well as their standard deviation in relation to each operating airplane to determine the performance winner of the day. Additionally, the winner will be chosen by comparing the mean and standard deviation scores to find who has the highest mean as well as the lowest standard deviation out of the lot. After reviewing the collected/calculated data in this Airshow event the winner of day one's high performance aircraft goes to the KC-135 with the highest mean. After the original calculation of 10 sorties across the board the KC-135 outperformed the fleet with a 2.7 mean and a 0.29 standard deviation. With the additional sortie data collected by the days end the aircraft finished off with an 0.8 mean increase, leading to a final 3.5 score as well as a 2.26 standard deviation increase leading to a final 2.55 score. However, with the added sortie we can see the effect it had on the aircraft's standard deviation score causing the data to be considered less reliable due to its high fluctuating. Finally, those who came 2nd and 3rd in day one's high performance rankings is the KC-10 with a 2.21 mean score and the F-35 with a 1.95 mean score. In conclusion, by utilizing and analyzing the data collected the winner of day one is the KC-135. This was determined by comparing and selecting the aircraft with the highest mean score and the lowest standard deviation score in the event of a tie.
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