Workshop assignment 11

Nolan Bowen Workshop assignment 11 1. Top 5 occupations in Bradford were, Farmer, Merchant,Sawyer, Miller, Tailor 2. Some foods listed in the Census were, Nutmeg, Flour, sugar, eggs, coffee. This would differ from what farmers would buy because many of these could be produced by farmers. 3. Some families that can be seen having children are the Fowlers as they would buy items descriptive as geography. The fisk family bought lead, which can be used for pencils. The howard family also bought a lot of paint and things that can be linked to children activities 4. When looking at the data of all of the families, i think that the fisk family could be interested in science as they had mechanick and blacksmith in the family which can be linked to more experimental jobs as well as the buying of alot of lead which can be used for many things. 5. When looking at the morse family, i noticed a carpenter which can be handy to make alot of things. The Kidder family bought many things like workstands, bedstands and other things that can be made out of wood, showing that these families would have interacted alot with eachother. 6. Women were mostly teacherd around this time as they mainly took care of children and taught them things. 7. The characteristics of these people are mainly at home mothers and working men who worked in labor intensive jobs. Many were wise and hardworking as well as adaptable as many had different and unique jobs. 8. Overall the change could be seen from the different available jobs and the role women played in these times. We can look back to many of the readings to show the differences in women and men roles and how they change overtime. Outside sources also help me see these changes in the works of people in the 1800s.
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