Econ 200E- Introduction to Economics Lecture 6: Efficiency Haohui Wang [email protected]
Outline Read Ch 6 1. Government Interventions a. Price Controls b. Taxes c. Subsidies
Important Tasks Essay 1 due Saturday (10/21) Homework3 due next Monday (10/23) Midterm review next Monday, will go over some of the questions in Summer22_Midterm. There are more practice exam in the folder. If you want me to discuss any question from those exam, email me before next Monday. Or you can ask it during my office hour. I will hold extra office hour next Monday after class from 5:30 to 6:30 I will be available for meeting via Zoom next Tuesday afternoon. Email me if you need to. Do not use Canvas message because I may not notice immediately Midterm exam on next Wednesday Email me asap if you need make-up midterm
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