Subaru Case

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IBUS 190
Oct 26, 2023
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IBUS 190-02 Team 6 Arias Belinda Gianni Tonietta Del Cid Alan Hanson Rebecca Cornejo Jessica Perez Jovanny Subaru Case 1.How does a strong yen affect Subaru sales in the US? When the yen is strong, less people in the United States are interested in buying Subaru's vehicles due to the price being more expensive compared to vehicles manufactured in the United States. 2. How does a weak yen affect Subaru sales in the US? A weak yen increases the number of Subaru vehicles sold, due to the Subaru vehicles being cheaper in price than the United States manufactured vehicle prices. 3. What did Subaru do to protect itself from currency fluctuations? A yen will not stay weak against the US dollar forever. Therefore, Subaru decided to expand local production in the US as a hedge against future increases in the value of the yen.
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