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HRM 321
Oct 25, 2023
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Oscar Osorio HRM321-02 Dr. Caswell 5/9/2021 Chapter 17 Review Questions 1. The nature of government roles in the compensation of employees in different workplaces of a country are: Government takes decision in compensation for procedures of fair pay determination. Government provides safety nets for unemployed. Government examines that the disadvantages are sufficient like minimum wages and compensation for unemployment. Government examines that employees are protected from the exploitation through providing overtime pay and restrictions on child labor. Government employs significant number of employees in different government sectors which affects labor demand. Government affects supply of labor through legislation. Therefore, the above nature of government role in the compensation of employees is played in a country. 2. The changes in the minimum wage can affect the higher paid employees in any organization due to the following reasons: The minimum wage is the base for workers in the society of least productive jobs.
The minimum wage indexing changes in the consumer price index as declining of the real purchasing power. Effect of raising the minimum wage is beyond the number of people paid actually the minimum. The legislation forces rates of pay at the lowest scale end for moving upward. Pay rates higher than the minimum frequently rises for maintaining differentials. Minimum wage is also related to social welfare. Therefore, the minimum wage can affect the higher paid employees in any organization of a country. 3. Access discrimination is the charges of discrimination and the discrimination of reverse which makes in news. The denial of specific jobs, training scopes for minorities or women, promotions are access discrimination. Access discrimination is likely to function when the qualification of applicant is ambiguous. Access discrimination takes place when any women are not hired for a job because of bias towards hiring men instead of women is there in certain jobs. Valuation discrimination concentrates on the pay which minorities and women receive from the jobs done. In the valuation discrimination inequity takes place when the contribution of employees in any organization is not rewarded properly. 4. Pay for performance plans are the signals of movement away from the entitlements. Sometimes there is very slow movement toward the pay which varies with some degree of discrete or structural performance which may affect the pay discrimination debate. Broad banding is same as pay grade system. Broad banding refers to having extremely wide salary bands. This wide range of salary bands can affect the pay discrimination debate. The pay discrimination can become crucial for the wide range
of compensation in broad banding. Market pricing provides competitive compensation data for the positions. The surveying of the market and the prices of incentives and compensation is required before paying employees. The pay discrimination debate is affected as there may be differences in pay scale for different gender. 5. The factors which are accountable for the pay gap are: • Work or occupation differences of responsibilities given, efforts needed, skills required and conditions of working. • Qualification differences in education and experience. • Firms or industry size, technology and pay strategy. • Work related behavior differences like performance, turnover, working hours and career tradeoffs. • Discrimination • Union differences like interests and power. • Labor market differences like supply or demand for particular skills. Therefore, the above factors are responsible for the pay gap.
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