PostLect Lec 3.1 attacks on aggregate statistics-1

I Dinar Missin 2003 Lecture 3 Reconstruction Attacks How can releasing statistical information violate privacy what is aggregate Difference Examples Reconstruction example Abstraction of Reconstruction Attacks Linear Reconstruction Attacks The model General reconstruction Attack many queries Q What is the number of employee who won bon after Jm 1,198 and love is zip ash MJ and his Annit d orden country 1 5 Differ a Attack Timmons baton on zola and Qu nor a a n before69 2 122 u o n A Qi 2775 AC 2722875
Reconstruction example the any 2020 stat Us census Baiting from 2B o o I 3 male with Aube244 j y 0 0 AS BL C BE me as f f At BAC 132 At C 102 D2 28 Azl C lol azz 135 yes with the add infant b'Bon'm Also 223702 Azione Odd 30
An Abstraction of Reconstruction Attacks Idea Reconstruction as a general concept collect a dataset 2 the microdatan Release statitin fi ta th k statistin get answer a wit f ex constraints an a free subset of the sample SAT in in teen narrow down our choice Reconstruct Problem Given constraint fila Iai find a IP that1OnistentIth CMtraxts.n statistical aspect how much noise I should add how many guy I shld release Algorithmin aspect how can I solve this SAT prob LinearReconstructionAttack
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