Mine so far. (next up Christmas 1967 @0181,480 and Christmas 1988 @0944,622) I wish you a Truly Blessed Christmas! LOVE LIKES NUMBERS... MOM AND IM... ARE YOU .... Enter your email address here if you like our daily emails:Joining. Look up at this love-filled message on the DCW-PMM Flying Eagle. Larger hanging version available now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, as my gift to You, my dear readers, I'll be sharing in the heart content of the Christmases of. 1. In the context of portfolio management, which asset class is often used as a hedge against inflation? a) Cash and cash equivalents. b) Fixed income securities. c) Equities (stocks). d) Real assets, such as real estate or commodities. 2. In Web 3, what technology enables the creation of self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller directly written into code? a) Artificial intelligence b) Machine learning c) Smart contracts d) Virtual reality 3. Who is the only US President to resign from office due to the Watergate scandal in 1974? a) Lyndon B. Johnson b) Richard Nixon c) Gerald Ford d) Jimmy Carter
4. In options trading, what does it mean to sell a call? a) Selling an option to buy the underlying asset b) Exercising an option to buy the underlying asset c) Buying an option to sell the underlying asset d) Selling an option to sell the underlying asset 5. What is the process of converting source code written by a programmer into machine code that a computer can execute? a) Interpretation b) Compilation c) Execution d) Debugging 6. What is the difference between a developed economy versus an emerging economy in business? a) Developed economies have more advanced technology while emerging economies are growing fast b) Developed economies are slow growing while emerging economies are stagnant c) There is no difference d) Developed economies are emerging while emerging economies are developed 7. In agile development, what is the term for the shortest period in which work can be completed? a) Epic b) Milestone c) Iteration d) Standup 8. What are some important considerations in disaster recovery and business continuity planning?
a) RTO, RPO, backups, alternate sites, test plans - minimize downtime and data loss. b) Relying on auto-scaling cloud services to handle outages. c) Focus only on periodic tape backups for data protection. d) DR planning is an insurance waste with minimal ROI. 9. What is the purpose of a test harness in software testing? a) Executes tests, manages test data/dependencies, provides reporting - facilitates running tests. b) Allows parallel test execution - used for performance testing. c) Automates UI interactions - used for regression testing. d) Container for unit tests - facilitates test organization.
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